january 22nd

Thursday, January 22, 2009

1. my marc jacobs rain boots.
i gave them their first whirl today...and boy, were they a hit! that $28 was well worth it. you know when a random, middle-aged man (who kind of looked like marc jacobs himself actually, i'm not gonna lie) hops on the cable car, sits down next to you, and at first glance goes, "i like your rain boots...[silence]...are they by...marc?" not only do they keep me dry, but they're a conversation starter too.
2. random strangers striking up conversation.
this same man proceeded to inform me that obama just passed a bill to give everyone a billion dollars to stimulate the economy. "what are you going to do with your money?" he asked me "where are you going to go on vacation...anywhere in the world!?" i told him i'd be right on the beach in maui staying at the 4 seasons in wailea. he must have thought i was such a nut. his answer was torn between his love for hawaii and his desire to go to south africa. i hope that kind gentleman gets to go.
3. running into dre.
there's nothing like bumping into a dear friend on public transportation. i love when that first sight takes you by such surprise.
4. laughing at myself in the big black raincoat.
not only are the boots a hit, the trench coat is a show stopper. tony, the nice security guy at the office, told me he thought the grim reaper was at the front door. i'm not even exactly sure what this creature looks like, but i know it can't be good. i still giggle when i think of that comment. stacie thought the coat was more mary poppins-ish (with the umbrella and all). wow, if only my huge bag was bottomless.
5. falling asleep to the rain.
cliche, yes, but there really is nothing like it. so soothing...


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