january 29th

Thursday, January 29, 2009

1. www.thedailymoment.blogspot.com.
january 23rd. enough said. my little older sister role model. find 'em everywhere i go in life...
2. hummus.
i am obsessed. i turn hummus into full-on salad dressing. sabra is the absolute best.
3. reconnecting with childhood friends.
i had so much fun. i am thankful that l.m. has been such a wonderful bridge between old friends. small world connections are the best.
4. it's a wonderful lie: 26 truths about life in your 20's.
there's so much insight in this book about life in your early 20's. i am not alone. i am also really inspired to be a good writer.
5. wine after a long day.
sometimes it's hard to get through a day without vino. today was one of those days. pinot noir is my top choice.


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