january 25th

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1. the holiday.
this movie leaves me feeling happy every time. it's up there with love actually.
2. new friend bonding.
i'm truly thankful and blessed with the new friends i've made this past year. it's funny, exactly one year ago, none of them were in my life. we all know life in the early twenties is pretty damn hard. we're all trying to do and be our best. i put it just the way i genuinely feel the other day in an email: "some days i feel on top of the world and that everything is just as it should be, and some days i can't find my light and wonder why i'm not shining." anyhow, in this phase of life we're learning and growing and new friendships are put before us. i feel like i'm weaving a blanket of friendships...relationships are constantly changing, and each and every one is incredibly important. equally important. each one has meaning and brings something good to who you are no matter the walk of life you are in.
3. realizing that people come from the same backgrounds.
i feel like the company you keep says a lot about who you are. i love learning about people and discovering that they've lived almost an identical life to you, but just in a different town.
4. meg's wall-o-fun.
i might have to post a picture of this. it's indescribable. floor to ceiling, completely covered in magazine ads from the awkward teen years. picture...milk ads, covergirl, dawson's creek, roxy, abercrombie, ym, and oh so much more...i stared at this masterpiece for hours. it perfectly captures our generation.
5. warriors games.
i think basketball has become my favorite sport to watch. bypassed football. i heart kelenna azubbike. like he needs to be my boyfriend. now. how can this happen?


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