january 23rd

Friday, January 23, 2009

1. the excitement of a weekend in the mountains.
tahoe here we coooooome. wine. cabin fever. skiing.
2. a perfectly chilled, crisp, sliced organic apple at 3:30pm.
a side of blackberries to top it off.
3. ginger candy.
i've got to get a bag of my own. it's my new obsession.
4. a yoga teacher i want to follow.
gotta have that connection to keep wanting to go back. i'm thankful i went 3 days in a row...living the life i've always imagined.
5. iloveyoumorethanblank.com
i feel like i've spread some joy with this in the past 2 days. it's a fun game! what a great thought to occupy the mind. when in doubt, think about love...and the way you want to love "the one." i love you more than _______.


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