january 10th

Sunday, January 11, 2009

1. witnessing love.
i haven't been to a wedding in quite some time now...e's wedding reminded me of how wonderful and important it is to celebrate the relationship between two people.
2. CM
she's my pal:) and one of the coolest people i know.
3. high school sweethearts.
i'm amazed how you can find "the one" at such a young age and it seems that this kind of relationship makes for two true best friends in love.
4. champagne
....enough said. those long stem glasses are pretty rad too.
5. the comfort of old friends.
the phenomenon of not seeing someone for a while and having it be completely at ease. it reassures me that though distance separates many people dear to my heart, it can be as if no time has passed when we're together.

"together forever, never apart...maybe in distance, but never at heart."


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