january 21st

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1. email chains from old friends.
i remember the days of sitting in my freshman year dorm room on my first lap top - bless that oversized royal blue dell that lasted only a year - reading daily updates from sf, dp, mr, ja, and jt. gosh, those got me through a lot of tough times. a lot! anyhow, it's pretty amazing that even though the emails are incredibly less frequent in this phase of life - the real world, per se - i find joy that we can pick up where we left off, no matter what.
2. running across the street for a chai tea kit.
the cbs - nbc hand off. it's probably against the rules or something.
3. fruit gum.
it really kicks a craving good bye. nothing beats trident watermelon twist.
4. haircuts.
i have this image of my old dog, miss ellie, going into the groomers for a nice trim and shampoo. she came out smelling like heaven. that's what i feel like right now. despite my minor panic attack that he was taking too much off, once i recovered from that, i realized that it's a good thing. my head feels as light as air.
5. that feeling in yoga when one of your favorite songs comes on and you can hardly contain yourself because all you want to do is dance and laugh.
tonight at my favorite night of the week - vino & vinyasa - it was bob marley, "could you be loved." i haven't felt that relaxed and carefree after a class in a while. it's such a natural high. i love it.


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