january 17th

Monday, January 19, 2009

1. saturday morning routines at the san francisco farmers market.
i love a good weekend morning routine. starting out the day right. gaining stability. the farmers market is so vibrant. the smell, the colors, the sun, the flowers, the fresh lavender, the trio of girls singing and playing a mini guitar hoping for some tips, the eclectic group of tourists and locals, the bay bridge in the background. i love the energy here and would be so content if it was part of every one of my saturday mornings.
2. independence.
there's something to stay for not having to stick to anyone's schedule but your own. i must admit, i'm pretty damn independent. sometimes i feel like i wake up and, well, it's time to paint my own picture. get out the brushes and start walking. i must have walked 5 miles total. i'm lucky i have a healthy 2 feet to get me from point a to point b.
3. trying new things.
i stood in line for 10 minutes and then sat and waited for another 15 just to try this infamous blue bottle coffee. all organic. all locally produced. all hand-cared for. it was pretty great. they individually filter each cup of coffee...made with love. i could have settled for my usual quick in-and-out at peet's along with a cherry flaxseed muffin, but no, i ventured outside my box for a blue bottle au lait and a pear. i heart samples.
4. ysl exhibit at the de young.
i've ventured down to golden gate park only twice since my move to the city - which in the mess of outside lands and bay-to-breakers, i'd say that hardly counts. finally glad to do something cultured in this glorious city. it was pretty magical being in a gallery of one of a kind pieces from the ysl collections "made to order" for important people and inspired by famous artists. fashion is truly an art form and this exhibit reminded me of that.
5. one-liners from juno.
"yeah, you just take soupy sales to prom. i can think of so many cooler things to do that night. like, you know what bleek? I might pumice my feet, uh, I might go to bren's dumb unitarian church, maybe get hit by a truck full of hot garbage juice, you know? 'cause all those things would be exponentially cooler than going to prom with you!"
that makes me smile...i've been thinking about it all weekend.


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