january 15th

Thursday, January 15, 2009

1. kicking ass at my job.
you know...the majority of time in the past 3 months i have been down right frustrated and highly confused. come on, gina, this is nbc, love it. and i do. and today made me realize that i can do it and i did a damn good job. something clicked...may have been only for today, but that's okay for now.
2. jamba juice cold buster.
kick that cold goodbye.
3. extra brothy chicken noodle soup.
double-kick that cold goodbye.
4. my d.y. ring.
while i hesitate to be thankful for material items, sometimes the beauty of this ring catches me off guard when i look down. i am so happy about this purchase:) i'm lucky.
5. bay club.
my workouts have turned into full on spa visits...i'm not even joking.

how many times have i used kick in this blog today? geez gina.


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