january 24th

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

january 24th
1. car games.
when in doubt...20 questions, "would you rather?," the celebrity game.
2. waking up to the snow.
there's nothing like sleeping soundly in a quiet cabin and waking up
to falling snow. i haven't seen it snow in over a year. it was a
winter wonderland.
3. northern california.
reflecting on the past two weekends makes me truly appreciate the
wonder of northern california. there's no better place to live. how many places in the world can you be on the beach in 78 degree weather and seven days later be snowed in? amazing.
4. strolling in the fresh mountain snowy crisp air to a quaint lodge
on serene lake.
this was pretty random, i must admit. but, instead of skiing in a
"blizzard" (let's be honest, it was nowhere near a blizzard, i just
declare myself a "fair-weather-skiier" only) we walked to the lodge,
had hot chocolate & peppermint schnapps, and played a really great
game of scrabble. the bartender really liked that he had 4 girls under
the age of 25 in his presence.
5. revisiting a childhood memory that is so vivid it makes me smile.
between the ages of...i'd say infancy to 11, maybe, we had a place in
tahoe donner. why oh why did we sell it? such great memories there.
today, i got to reenact being 7 years old again and going through the
dairy queen drive-thru for a small vanilla with chocolate fudge. i
remember being in that same drive-thru in the run-down town of truckee 16 years ago with dad picking up the same exact thing. it would be just the same feeling if i went to baskin robbins for a kids scoop of mint chocolate chip on a sugar cone. only the best.


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