january 12th

Monday, January 12, 2009

1. hanging off the cable car.
sometimes i take for granted that my daily commute consists of walking 5 blocks to the glorious cable car stop and jumping on at the first stop - beating the crowds - and riding the graceful hill of california street. we always sit outside (on the same side with the best view - of course) and, what a treat it is to have entertaining conversations with ann every single day (along with our bffff). i love observing the people who hop on and off...the couples...the older women dressed to the nines, the engagement rings (anyone who knows me knows that i have a thing for them and my eyes are drawn to the ring finger of every person i encounter - it's bizarre). i ride a historical landmark to work every day. (at exactly 9 miles an hour - fun fact i learned on the red double decker bus tour!) anyhow, just as we approach battery street i usually get up with the several bags i have on board with me (somehow i became a bag woman) and let the wind kind of blow in my hair about to hop off not without shouting a quick "thank you" at the driver. i love that feeling...that exact moment. makes me think of that shot of dj tanner in the intro to full house or something:) anyways, i'm lucky.
2. french flashcards.
stacie has decided to learn french...with a little help from me, it seems. who knows if i'm even pronouncing these words correctly, but irregardless, it sure is a blast from the past. makes me think of my 7th grade textbook in which every chapter was divided into a categories of vocabulary words. it also reminded me of the three french teachers i had in my day. "en hiver les branches sont nues." my favorite flashcard thus far. actually - the one about le gateau might beat it..."qui a mange du gateau?"
3. lunch in the sun in levi plaza park.
we camped out on the grass today and claimed a rock right in the center next to a babbling brook:) i could feel the vitamin d making me happier - i'm not even joking.
4. monday night tv lineups.
for someone who has only ever followed a couple shows at a time...monday nights are too much. they make me giddy. thank gosh for ti-vo.
5. dad's gchats and amy's im's during the day.
i know i'm not always the nicest and pretty much always sidetracked when he tries to talk to me, however, there's something to say for the fact that without fail dad always checks in...and i get a kick that i'm the only green dot on his buddy list. and ame's im's in the middle of the day bring me such comfort. she's about to be riding her bike to class while slightly hungover on a tuesday in santa barbara doing the same EXACT things i used to do. it really is bittersweet. but, it makes me happy and i'm thankful that i can live vicariously through her. it makes me hang on to that chapter in my life a little longer. and, i'm happy that she's happy.


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