january 11th

Sunday, January 11, 2009

1. a nice leisurely sunday morning at the club.
laps and a steam is my secret cure for a hangover...
2. warm sunshine in the middle of january.
the cold winter days really pile up, and when we're "teased" with 60 degree air and bright rays it makes me so happy. i could stand against a concrete wall in black clothes all day long just to be warm. love that feeling.
3. home-made soup for the week.
mom never fails to want to stock my fridge with healthy choices:)
4. nbc on the golden globes.
my oh my it makes me happy to be so "in the know"...i'm so proud!
5. crepevine.
i could go here every weekend for the rest of my life and be SO content.


  1. I went to a crepe and wine place too this weekend!! Love your blog missy!


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