january 26th

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

today was one of those days. did not leave the office. did not see the
light of day. did not eat lunch. no contact with the outside world.
but, gina, this is the point of gratitude. even when you think you
cannot find any joy in the matter of 15 hours of being awake, dig
1. emails from leezeebee.
just to check in, see how i'm doing. "hey cutie."
2. peet's coffee.
i haven't been here in forever now that i have new stomping grounds. discovered a new one close by today and it gave me that extra boost.
3. a good workout.
i haven't had a really good workout in a while. i love that feeling where all you want to blow off some steam and run run run, climb, climb, climb. thank you, endorphins, this day would not have been any good without you.
4. serving aces.
it feels so damn good to get aggression out via a good serve.
5. this blog.
this experiment is really working. it's improving my mood. never go to
sleep unhappy. i'm going to try and live by that. at the wedding i recently attended, the slideshow included an interview with the father of the bride. his one piece of advice: never go to bed mad. i'm going to reinvent that.


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