october 20th

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

bloggers are SO inspiring. i just continue to become more and more fascinated with the creativity and wit and wise words that lies at all of our fingertips. the eye for beauty that individuals have is pretty incredible.

thank you to my top 5 favorites at the moment (suprising that most of them have to do with wedding photography).
1. http://www.maxwangerblog.com/
2. http://andrejkaphotographyblog.com/
3. http://citified.blogspot.com/
4. http://www.sfgirlbybay.com/
5. http://www.thesassykathy.com/

october 13th

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1. when the road gets bumpy
don'tcha be a grumpy
just smile smile smile
and be happy!

reminds me of sophomore year when shan and i talked on the phone every single night. that's when she became one of my soul sisters.

thanks for the chat tonight. love you with all my heart.

good luck on your tests!

2. working from home in bed.
literally on/in my bed all day long while the rain came down quite hard. i don't think it let up all day long. so cozyyyy.
3. phone replacements.
poor little phone trapped in the rainy gutter for an hour. thankfully i was able to transfer to a new phone before she fully shut down. and, it was f-r-e-e. my oh my i'm l-u-c-k-y.
4. lulu beanies.
loving my new black lulu beanie. i originally had a green one until ames claimed it for herself. thank you, meg!
5. gratitude wrap.
not only is the name perfect for me, but this warm cozy wrap has been my bff since the night of october 4th. thanks mom!

october 12th

Monday, October 12, 2009

i've always had an obsession with quotes. i blame it on mary engelbreit...a childhood fascination that started with her calendars in my stocking every year. i remember spending countless hours snipping out quotes and designs from all versions of her calendar - daily, monthly, desk - and pasting them everywhere. lockers, pencil boxes, mirrors, doors, frames, bulletin boards. there really were no limits to where one could paste a quote for a healthy reminder to be happy.
i guess i've always craved those reminders wherever i am in life.
i've collected and accumulated thousands of quotes along the way. in fact, my word doc adding up to 12,000+ words and 37 pages doesn't even do it justice.

one i will leave you with today that i keep repeating in my mind and even picturing the ms. engelbreit design pasted above the handle on the back of my childhood room door...

"time eases all things."

believe in this.

i am so thankful for my guardian angel best friends. if i have learned one good lesson lately it is that i am surrounded by amazing friends. how does the lulu manifesto read?
wake up and realize you are surrounded by amazing friends.

i am, indeed. thank you for making my birthday week so incredibly special. i am thanking you with all my thanks.


october 5th

Monday, October 5, 2009

thank you for all the birthday wishes and love.

i am beyond grateful.


september 17th

Thursday, September 17, 2009

i'm back...
...i hope not just temporarily!

this post is dedicated to three wonderful people.

my dear roommate, meg, who stormed in the house last night and said, "gean, I checked your blog today and you haven't written since august 2nd! your followers need you."

the newly engaged ms. allie schroeder who also started an amazing "heart light" blog of her own, but has been on a little hiatus like myself. i promised her i would do at least one post this week.

and finally, my sissy love who never fails to text me out of the blue..."you really need to start embrace it again."

this is for you. for reminding me of this - all within days of each other.


1. scottsdale, arizona trip 2009.
celebrating a dear soul friend's graduation. i loved being there for her every single minute. so proud of you molls, so proud.
2. euro trip.
yes, i was blessed and lucky enough to travel to france and italy for the third time in my life. what an adventure that i will never ever forget.
3. SF outside lands.
my fave: jason mraz and dave matthews band.
4. tahoe.
glenbrook, ca is one of the few "heaven-on-earths." i am so grateful for the ousmans and their welcome-ness. is that a word? :)
5. cd's in the mail.
alexis always knows subconsciously when i need new music. this one makes me extra happy.
6. personal training
good 'ol zack. i am so excited for this challenge.
7. moll's and dez's new pad in northbeach.
right next to tj's and right on my "long way" home. i'm so happy they're here.
8. wednesday night - lulu yoga.
never fails to make me happy. these past two weeks with pete have been my most favorite ever. i'm fascinated with him. here's 3 reasons why: he taught yoga at burning man, he's hosting a yoga retreat that includes yoga, wine tasting, and hot tubbing in calistoga, and he speaks of the importance of gratitude in a very eloquent way.
9. the blackberry, tour.
it takes great pictures and is really just so new and improved. i'm a big fan.
10. walking sf.
i could walk and walk and walk this city. all day. every day. i'm so happy here.
11. stacie - on the brink of motherhood.
thus far in my life i had yet to experience a pregnancy so up close and personal. seeing stace grow from day 1 has been absolutely fascinating. i remember what she was wearing when she first told me - this rad gray dress with awesome gray pumps. i picked her up on the street corner i was so excited. for some reason in that exact moment i had this flash-forward of her with a big belly and how the outfit wouldn't have worked. odd, i know. stace, you are the cutest "wide load" :) i have ever known. i am so happy for you. it's been a blessing to witness this adventure.
12. sweet disopoistion, the temper trap.
on the 500 days of summer soundtrack. listen now.
13. party in the usa, miley cyrus.
i put my hands up
their playin' my song
the butterflies fly away
noddin' my head like yeah
movin' my hips like yeah

i must admit, i'm obsessed.
14. allie and matt bruce get engaged!
this is something i'm truly grateful for. like i told her, life is a little more complete now. i could not be happier for her. it gives me butterflies just thinking about it.
15. friends - my saving angels.
the importance of friendship has been the theme of the summer. i would not be standing without them.
16. this inspires me.
"to me, true love is the sweetest thing in life. that's why we're all either in love or looking for love. sometimes you have to work for it - especially when life gets in the way - but I believe true, deep love is always worth fighting for."
i think it's an important lesson.

come the end of september, i will have been in san francisco 1 out of the 8 weekends in the past 2 months.







and october is extra special. i love birthday months:)

august 2nd

Sunday, August 2, 2009

another sunday gone...

1. skype.
you can talk internationally for free!? thank you, technology.
2. aud and margo.
last night cuddled in bed was just what i needed. it was seriously like medicine. mending the soul.
3. jarod at benefit.
so energetic. i love his gay energy.
4. new clothes.
you know that feeling when you find something that you've been on the lookout for? you have a goal in mind and then you achieve it. cross that off the list.
5. crafts.
frame after frame after frame.

july 15th

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1. ray la montagne.
that voice...that guitar...those lyrics...
2. coldplay.
live on a warm monday night.
3. tuna sandwiches.
nothing like a good one.
4. lavender nails.
i don't know why, but it makes me feel like a witch.
5. accomplishment.
it's so nice to feel like you're crossing things off your list. getting those ducks in line.


july 6th

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i just spent 20 minutes trying to kill a fly that was buzzing around my room. me, notebook in hand, listening and watching for the buzzing, ready to squash that little bugger. doors open, windows open, lights on, lights off. now the whole situation just seems downright funny. human vs. insect. great way to end this very weird day.

on 6/23 i wrote, but never posted:
i don't even know where to begin there's so much goodness i feel like i might burst at the seems.

while this remains true, i had a bit of a rough day. working from home might have it's positives, but it certainly is bittersweet. the first time i've been genuinely stressed in a long while.

my life lately continues to fascinate me. doors are opening. i feel like i'm teeter-tottering on the fence of the past and the future all the while soaking in the present moment. i truly have gotten a little kickstart to the heart.

today i am grateful for.
1. runs to the bridge.
2. 8 reasons to start loving your body posted in our bathroom.
3. sharing a bathroom with molls. sharing a living space with her.
4. candle light.
5. my perfectly pink (and i mean the most perfect pink) brand new clean kanteen. if i drink out of this bad boy instead of good 'ol brita nalgene, i am promised a long cancer-free and birth-defect-free life. great, i'll take it.

june 17th

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

happy birthday to my soul sister. stacie glynn, you are my guiding light. rock that "boy" necklace and anticipate the blessed baby you are about to bring into this world.

so yes, i've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus lately.
a healthy hiatus, though. hiatus is a funny word.

a word that has been on my mind lately in which i am incredibly grateful for:


i'm learning new meanings to this word and having the best time letting go - enjoying the ride of life.

adore. appreciate. be entertained. be fond of. be pleased. cotton to. delight in. dig. dote on. drink in. eat up. fancy. flip over. freak out on. get a charge out of. get a kick out of. get high on. go. have a ball. have a good time. have fun. like. live a little. live it up. love. luxuriate in. mind. paint the town. rejoice in. relish. revel in. savor. take joy in. thrill to.

thank you, thesaurus.com.

june 8th

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1. henna tattoos.
live free. my strongest attempt at being a rebel. these are so cool.
2. food journals.
keeps me in check and organized. a saving grace.
3. starting new books.
i love a good bus read...it's time to get back into it. i feel like something is missing.
book of choice: epiphany and her friends
this is why i'm going to like this book...
what is epiphany?
i see epiphany as a beautiful, mysterious woman,
who sends tinkling, wind-chime chills up your spine
at her first tapping on your mind's door.
if you decide to let her in,
shafts of white light will open your mind,
clearing away the cobwebs of previous perceptions;
offering you the fresh, clear dawn of intuitive realization,
as she comes gliding into you consciousness
and enters the rooms of your soul.
she is a forceful yet gentle woman, demanding your attention;
singing the truth to you
in melodies you have never heard before.
she is dressed in the colors of her message -
hot coral with intensity;
cool Mediterranean blue with determination -
finally the lily white gown of truth.
you must listen.
you must open your heart and soul to her,
or she will arrive again and again
with louder knocking and brighter, deeper colors
until you cannot deny her brilliant entrance.
listen willingly to her once,
hear her wisdom;
she will return faithfully every time you need her.

4. misty volleyball nights.
sometimes i LOVE the san francisco fog. it wouldn't be the same without it.
5. adoration.
what a nice feeling.
adore: (verb)
-to regard with the utmost esteem, love, and respect; honor.
-to pay divine honor to; worship
-to like or admire very much

june 6th & 7th

Sunday, June 7, 2009

1. housewarming parties.
yet another excuse to have a get-together. i like this excuse the best. it comes with new beginnings. what a success! i hope everyone had fun:)
2. sunday morning walks.
when i envision my future, it includes a weekend morning walk with one of my best friends. just a little catch up on the week and other life events. i'm so thankful i got to walk with dez this morning. sunshine, breeze, golden gate bridge, coffee. so great.
3. roomies.
it's so funny to me that just nearly a year ago i didn't know these girls. now they are near and dear to my heart. i'm thankful for them and for the memories we're making in these formative years.

4. sephora.
a beauty haven. love this place.
5. spur of the moment lunches with ryan.
he comforts me. i'm glad to have him as a friend.
6. san francisco festival season.
the best time of year...

june 5th

Thursday, June 4, 2009

1. inspiring quotes.
"honey if i cared what every bitch in new york thought about me, i'd never leave the house." -sex and the city
sent to me hours later...completely sums up the point you were trying to make earlier.
i'm going to try a harder to live by this a little more:)
2. magical dates.
time of day. lighting. drive. scenery. town. meal. conversation. music. ambiance. manners. affection.
3. "gang's all here."
girlfriend love.
4. "ladies first"
it's so refreshing when even the nice garbage man lets me walk first.
5. fro yo breaks.
the best french vanilla non-fat frozen yogurt i've found as of yet!

june 3rd

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1. hot pink peonies.
staring at me - so innocently beautiful - at my desk. i've never really thought a whole lot about these flowers, but they truly are pretty magnificient. may be one of my new faves.

2. honey bunnies.
what a great cereal. so glad i bought them last minute on an impulse buy.
3. claire chats.
i love the kind of friends that you just connect with on a deeper level. you don't physically see them as much as you would like to, but the conversations you do have are always just right on. i look up to claire. the way she lives her life and her great strength inspires me. today she said something that made me think. topic: relationships. (i wish i had copy and pasted the exact line, but i'll do my best to recapture it). something along the lines of love and what a special gift it can be to find someone who realizes the potential of how amazing a relationship and being in love and having love with someone can be.
one of the greatest gifts in life, i think.
4. www.google.com
my life saver. must visit it 20 times a day.
5. buy 10 salads get your 11th one free.
yeah punch cards! this made my day :)

june 1st & 2nd

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

here we go, june! my how quickly you crept up on us. i love june.

1. runs.
in the misty fog hanging thick over the golden gate. i haven't run outside in a while and while i was in the act i kept thinking about how grateful i was to be able to have two healthy legs and feet to keep me going. i feel like nothing can stop me when i'm running. it's so comforting to know that no matter how bad a day i may have, a run can take it all away and make things better.
2. monday night visitors.
who come baring gifts. generosity is one of the most beautiful things in this world. us girls are lucky.
3. slow dancing.
totally under-rated and something i'd like to partake in much more. makes me think of my favorite john mayer song of all time: slow dancing in a burning room.

i was the one you always dreamed of,
you were the one i tried to draw.
how dare you say it's nothing to me?
baby, you're the only light i ever saw.

4. walks to rj's with laur.
i know i've mentioned something along these lines before, but i can't go without saying how much these little outings help me. especially today. she is one of the most judgement-free friends i've ever known. i'm so thankful for you.
5. cloud 9.
i got a little taste of what this was like today. it's "tingly", let me tell you. these moments come few and far between and i was overwhelmed with how special i felt. almost as if i was in a dream.
6. surprise cards in the mail.
on the outside a picture of two girls whispering in each other's ears. sisters, perhaps. maybe best friends. one in the same, really. inside it reads: "i can't imagine a time when i won't have a million things to tell you."
so true, ame. i love your life. i love living vicariously through you. i love that i've inspired you. thank you.

may 30th & 31st

1. finding joy in the fog.
the one downfall of san francisco is this gloom. i want to challenge myself to really not let it get me down, though. i remember genuinely thinking i used to suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) the moment i learned about it in psychology. so today was exhibit a on how we didn't let the bad weather keep us indoors. instead we cruised the neighborhood and accomplished a lot. i challenge you to do the same!
2. getting out of my box.
big time. it's much needed.
3. walking arm in arm - one earphone in your ear, one in mine.
this makes me happy. i am where i'm supposed to be.
4. marina safeway.
i could sit here all day and watch the attractive people walk around. it really is a kick and all the rumors you hear about it, they're true. i guess it's what makes it so unique.
5. girls' mornings.
such a great feeling to have a house full of your best girlfriends recapping the night before. still slightly buzzed, giddy, and delirious. there's nothing like it.

may 29th

Friday, May 29, 2009

1. friday mornings.
that include a good walk, a shower, and a coffee.
2. sheer moments of happiness on the bus.
this might sound odd, but i've had several experiences now where i find myself in a moment completely consumed with happiness...and they frequently happen on the bus. yup, me and public transport, i know. maybe because it's frequently quiet and peaceful and i have my ipod going and i just get to sit there and think when i don't bring any reading material along. anyhow, i had one of these moments today. it felt so good. not sure what came over me...just a feeling of gratitude and that i loved life and i smiled to myself not caring what people thought of me.
3. blow dryers.
i mean, honestly, as a girl...what would we do without them?
4. summer fridays.
i still cannot believe that nbc gives these. leaving at 2 made me so incredibly happy.
5. spontaneous friday adventures.
i never want to forget this afternoon. ever ever ever. i feel so special.

may 28th

Thursday, May 28, 2009

1. front porch presents.

so sweet. one of those things in life that makes me smile. i live for these moments.
2. middle names.
i feel like i don't acknowledge mine enough, but how cool is it that each and every one of us has 2 names...
3. suzie and mom visits.
how great it is that mom and auntie can have a day adventure in the city and then come visit me. i heart them and their sisterly bond.
4. rose's cafe.
i would describe it as the perfect restaurant. i now have two great memories here. the first being my birthday brunch out front on that sunny sunday with a long table full of wonderful girls. the second was tonight nestled in the corner booth. great meal. next time i envision sitting at the tiny bar with a glass of wine and a fabulous partner in crime.
5. sleepovers.
with soul friends. i am so comforted and at peace with her here. there are two important elements to our friendship. non-stop chatter where we can release anything and everything on our minds and perfect pure silence. it makes me think of that quote: “the best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.” as i sit here writing this next to you in silence, i realize this describes you and i perfectly. i am lucky to have you.

may 27th

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1. wednesday morning spins.
dear australian carl is a great way to start my wednesday morning and spice up the week. meg inspired me to think about spinning differently too. we have to think of endorphins as a gift and be gratful for our bodies that let us be active and break a great sweat and get some natural happiness. "think of all the people who can't do this!?" i'm thankful i can. please keep working, body.
2. friends in bed.
season 5 episode 1: the one where ross says rachel.
friends is so comforting. i decided i'm going to watch an episode a night this week.
3. dave matthews band, dreamgirl.
you're like my best friend
after a good good drunk
you and me wake up and make love
after a deep sleep when i was dreaming
i was dreaming of a dream girl

perfect timing in my day. i forgot what a good song this is. can't wait to be a someone's best friend dreamgirl.
4. getting excited for lulu.
5. spontaneous walks home.
with just the cutest dollface. put me in a giddy mood.

may 26th

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1. the little things.
remember when you were little and your parents used to let you have a treat at the grocery store? i used to choose this box of animal cookies...

i remember they used to be right by the deli section at safeway and i have this vivid memory of me reaching up to the shelf with pure excitement to devour these lions and tigers and bears. oh my.
anyhow, today i got a surprise treat from my parents at the grocery store. i think treats mean more when you're older because you actually think about the nice gesture instead of expecting that you automatically deserve it. i wasn't even at the store with them and mom calls to tell me they got me "that tea you like" also known as kombucha; however, they can't pronouce it correctly. i don't blame them, it's hard for first timers. anyhow, that grocery store surprise meant more to me than they know. thanks guys.
2. grey's anatomy.
snuggled in bed with mom on a cold saturday night. love the laptop and the episodes online. much needed.
3. kane sushi.
best i've ever had in my twenty three years.
4. tuesday night vball.
i look forward to the walk to and from more than the actual game itself.
5. seche vite.
dry fast top coat. it's making my manicure last a lot longer.

may 25th

Sunday, May 24, 2009

1. long weekends.
god bless the 3 day weekends. can't wait to be thrown off all week and think it's monday when it's really tuesday.
2. healdsburg, ca.
what a little hidden gem.
3. wine tasting.
someday i'm going to live on a vineyard and taste wine for a living. someday.
4. new clothes.
i started having sheer moments of panic recently feeling like i had no clothes i genuinely like anymore. yes, i realize that's completely irrational. added a few budget and non-budget pieces to my wardrobe today. thank gosh for wc.
5. burger nights.
just the three of us. happy memorial day!

may 19th

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1. rooftops.
those days when somehow you end up on a rooftop at sunset make for the best days in sf. my top 2 favorite days in the city occurred up up high.
2. kelley marie english visits.

this picture really sums up kelley's visit and perfectly captures grateful point #1 above. i'm so thankful she came to visit.
3. parrots.
i FINALLY saw the telegraph hill parrots. they're so lovable. there's even a documentary on them.

just in case you want to brush up on your wikipedia facts and get the story:)
4. the bachelorette.
i'd go on here in a second. can i please?
5. stevie nicks.
my idol. i don't think she can get any cooler.

dreams unwind loves a state of mind

well maybe i'm just thinking that the rooms are all on fire
everytime that you walk in the room
well there is magic all around you, if I do say so myself
i have known this much longer than i've known you

may 15th

Thursday, May 14, 2009

1. dinner dates at the plant.
just a spur of the moment fabulous date. i am so lucky. my life is good.
2. garden burgers.
purple ones made of beets.
3. morning workouts.
4. http://www.iheartyoublog.com/
i haven't visited in a while, she just rocks my socks.
5. the office.
i want to find a jim.

may 14th

1. INTERNET!!!!!
yes, you heard it. finally my sweet little lap top is getting the internet it deserves. peacelovegreenwich. in every room. tv to kitchen to bedroom. this internet is gettin' around if you know what i mean. i feel so settled now. thank you, dad. my life is complete:)
2. the weepies.
just bought the hideaway album. they never cease to amaze me.
Monday come like Tuesday
You were something else I will admit
I remember what you told me
I only wish I could forget
I only wish I could forget

3. bananas.
(wow, mar is going to hate me for this one). but, they really are a daily staple.
4. chai tea.
with 1 splenda. mmmmm.
5. antibiotics.
that azithromycin got the sinus infection under control.

may 10th

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

longest blog post ever...and very picture-themed. i'd like to seperate into days, but life is just overflowing with beauty.

unconditional love is my inspiration.

1. stopping to smell the flowers.

oh, hi hunny.
this might be the best smelling rose i've ever smelled. caught me by surprise on my walk home. delicious.
2. life coaches.
a distant aspiration of mine. tonight yoga was taught by an awesome influential life coach. what an incredible combination. yoga instructor meets life coach. doesn't get much better. "what are you grateful for?" was his main message. we were on the same page, obviously i liked him:)
3. laughing 'til you cry.
over simple little things.
4. crafts in the park.
my saving grace to get me through the work day.
5. doctors lists.
never have i ever seen a doctor write a list of things to make note of - little bullet points to keep healthy: vitamin c, airborne, probiotics, curel, etc. so considerate. every doctor should send you off with a list of ways to get healthy.
6. wine after work.
great way to end the week. i haven't had a glass of vino with one of my faves in a while. these impromptu dates are always ones for the record books.
7. my backyard.

the fam always jokes that we don't need to go on vacation, as it's right in our backyard. it's true. i'm usually the least thankful out of the four of us for this great little plot of land. however, that's going to change.
8. sisters reunited.

what would my life without a sister? empty.
9. slurpees.
cherry, coca cola, pina colada. the straw with the little scooper at the end. makes me feel like i'm 10 years old again.
10. sunsets.
from different angles in the most random of places. specfically this time: the mount diabo hills.
11. dance memories.

i stumbled upon this picture going through old pictures on my lap top. this just made me smile and i couldn't resist posting it.
12. bouza fam.
so happy and loving and full of life. glad to know them.
13. metro.
love the people. love the ambiance. some great drunken (yes, i used that word) memories here. i just leave always feeling good about myself. and, nothing beats the tuna poke and the lemon drops.
14. lemon drops.
yup, the best. and the sugar coating rim. to die for.
15. mothers.
happy mothers day sweet little mamma. i am so thankful for you. you deserve breakfast in bed and all sorts of happiness and treats.
16. full moons.
we always get excited for them. i'm not sure how or why, but it seems so magical. i'm not going to lie, one time ames and i did a seance in the backyard and burning things. kind of a cleansing act. we are SO now and then.
i see the moon
the moon sees me
the moon sees the one i long to see
so god bless the moon
and god bless me
and god bless the one i long to see

17. dance parties.
with the fam. in our family room.
18. morucci's sandwiches.
i will go out on a limb here and make a bold statement: THE BEST SANDWICH. today's pick was turkey cranberry.
19. picnics.
something that is becomming sort of a mother's day tradition.
20. a photo...
says a thousand words.

and sums up the weekend.
21. baby cousins.
who want to sit in your lap for hours.

may 5th

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

1. tony, our wonderful building security guard serenading us with his guitar.
i told him that every day when i walked in i was going to think of a new nickname for him: t$, t-bone, t dog...it only lasted about 3 days as you can see i ran out. he is such a sweet soul. the days he brings his guitar are the best as he sits there strumming tunes. i feel as if his life is so simple and i admire that.
2. sweet potatoes.
my new favorite dinner staple. and it's a superfood!
3. mrs. fagan emails.
she was my favorite - my "mom at school" - freshman through senior year. i decided to send her a note because it had just been too long and my mom told me the cutest story about her and may day happened to be her birthday. funny how so much time passes, but i feel like i could just sit down in her PE office as a TA and chat and everything would be as it should be, like no time had gone by at all. i'm thankful i know her.
4. facebook messages.
out of the blue. i feel like they were so "college." everyone communicates on email now. however, it was fun getting one of these. so many modes of communication, aren't there? calls, texts, IM's, emails, gchats, facebook messages. my oh my.
5. margaritas.
happy cinco de mayo!

may 4th

Sunday, May 3, 2009

1. days you are determined to embrace even though the weather is crummy.
just because it was overcast and misty didn't mean i was going to stay in. instead we stood in the rain at the farmers market and sampled and roamed and just enjoyed life. i finally got to meet molly's best friend from grad school and i was reminded that good people find each other. i love that feeling. i loved everything about the cold morning especially walking all the way home singing out loud from underneath my umbrella.
2. umbrellas.
thank goodness for them, right? without them this endeavor wouldn't have been as do-able.
3. my computer desktop screen saver.
this picture makes me happy every time i open up the comp.

just swingin'...
4. cereal.
i always mix two. with soy milk. can't start my day properly without it. i think i'll probably have it for breakfast almost every day for the rest of my life if i can.
5. butterflies.
not the pretty little insects that flutter around in nature that i love to doodle. the ones in your tummy. i haven't had them in a while. a long while. but i'm living vicariously through my sister at the moment so those will have to do for now. i'm so thankful for her. the love for a sister is such a unique, unconditional love. you want to protect her and her little heart and help her grow up to be the best she can be.
6. my kitchen.
it's the perfect size and this thing is so usable, i find myself cooking way more, which i love.
7. new friends.
that's the wonderful thing about living in this city, there's always a chance to meet new people. i'm so thankful for the new people that have come into my life in the passed year.
8. the 20's.
i went through a period where i was deathly afraid of my 20's and all that lay ahead. it's a period of intense growing pains. but now i'm starting to take a strong liking to them. all the change that comes along with these years is fascinating.
9. crayons.
very underrated if you ask me. i miss that value pack of almost 100 colors - robbins egg blue, mac n' cheese, forest green - with the sharpener built into the back. oh the excitement of so many color options when you were a kid. i still get excited. even though i only had about 16 colors to choose from, i had fun making a little sign:)
10. trader joes at lunch.
discovered today that it's just 1 hour walking roundtrip. perfecto!

april 30th

Thursday, April 30, 2009

1. mix't greens.
i wonder how much money i've dropped here. at aftercollege it was a 3x a week thing. now, it's more like once every two months. not nearly enough. since it's been so long since my last visit, there was a whole array of new things to try on the menu. i went with a spicy thai-ish salad. yum.
2. lemonade.
so refreshing. perfectly sweet and sour.
3. ellipticals.
when i'm not in the running mood, this thing really does the trick for me, burning those cals.
4. cleanse drinks.
as i roamed real foods with my bottle of acv, the girl asked if i wanted any help. at first i hestiated and struck up conversation with her instead since she was wearing a ucsb sweatshirt. we knew mutual people tied to cal and sb. anyhow, she gave me all sorts of fun new healthy recommendations and concoctions. then, at the checkout stand she gave me her discount! i mean, how nice is that? i love random acts of kindness.
5. updated pandora.
i got a new list of artists and songs from a dear friend. i love that i can always send cm a note about what songs i'm listening to. ever since i added about 15 new artists, listening to music during the day has been an entirely new experience. i feel rejuvinated!

april 29th

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my life is incomplete without gratitude and i don't want to miss a beat.

1. santa barbara.
the closest i ever came to living in so cal on the beach. maybe someday. i hold so many memories here. i don't want them to disappear. i miss college. maybe not in the way that other people miss it, because i can whole-heartedly say that i like myself better now than i ever did in those 4 years. i think people call them the best 4 years of your life because of how truly unique that time is compared to the rest of your years. i miss it in a way that makes me long for the daily life of a student. my schedule was so different back then. so many people i loved were merely feet away and there was no such thing as "making money" which, to me, leads to way more stress than test scores. but, i can also honestly say that i didn't embrace life as much then as i do now - hence this blog. and that's ok. it truly is why i long for santa barbara, though. i long to go back and do it all over again knowing what i know now. knowing that i have to embrace each day because it's only temporary. i was on a rocky part of my happiness journey instead of a part where the waters were calm. i am so thankful i can go back and visit. i can visit all of my old spots and just for an instant step back into that younger version of myself. i want to hug that version and let her know that everything is going to be ok.
2. road trips.
both of my drives up and down the 101 were really fun. great company with people i don't get to spend that much time with, but mean so incredibly much to me. i'm lucky.
3. perfectly toasted bagels.
i mean you have to admit, there's something about the perfect amount of toastedness with that great crispy crunch-ness.
4. daily grind.
i am at peace here. so funky. great people watching. good food.
5. low-fat raspberry oat muffins.
hands down the best muffin i've ever had. ever.
6. kelly, my hairstylist.
she embodies everything a hairstylist should strive to be. she treats hair as if it is an art form. it's such a pleasant experience sitting in her chair. thank goodness i found her. i only wish i could transport her to sf so i don't have to plan hair cuts around my trips down south. although, it is an excuse to go down there:)
7. day buzz.
something about vodka lemonades...makes you feel happy and free.
8. sisters shining bright.
i can only hope i've inspired ames to be a better person and take life by the reigns especially in santa barbara since i paved the way first. i can confidently say she's doing better than i could have imagined.
9. hotels.
specifically, the canary and the holiday inn express. for lack of a better term and one that brings a smile to my face: great sitch.
10. the ousman fam.
i really do feel like a little part of their fam and that they love me. i love them right back.

i also want to write down a moment i hope never ever to forget. it occurred last thursday morning on a jog i decided to take early in the morning. somehow i found myself slowly running against the wind along marina blvd. i decided i didn't have enough energy to make it all the way to the hands so i walked a little on the sand instead. a concrete slab about a foot and half wide crept out of the sand - what looked like the foundation of an old pier. the tiny waves collided with the base of this "once pier." the next thing i know i'm up there on this balance beam doing yoga. my own little sequence of sun salutations, listening to the ipod. just me, the bright red bridge in perfect view, warrior 1, warrior 2, triangle pose. it felt good to be alive. so good.

april 21st

Monday, April 20, 2009

1. my walk to work.
just a typical tuesday morning. coming up over the top of lombard, there's a heavenly feel.

2. spa robes.
every time i step out of the shower it's there to greet me wrapping me up and drying me off. it's like i'm at a spa each and every day.
3. the scent of fresh flowers in the springtime.
i've been meaning to write this down since the beginning of the season. you know that feeling where you're walking along minding your own business and you unexpectedly get a whiff of something sweet and delicious? my favorites right now are the cherry blossoms and the gardenia scented ones. ironically enough, today at lunch i spotted a quote written on a chalkboard that made me smile. simple white letters against the black background representing one of life's simple statements.
"the earth laughs in flowers." -emerson
never have i ever until now realized the truth in this statement.
4. sweat.
i sat in the back of yoga tonight in the hot hot heat and the sun shined through the windows directly on my mat. i laughed at myself and realized how grateful i was for a good sweat as i held runners lunge completely drenched. cleansing is oh so important and makes you feel like you're on cloud 9 afterwards. i love cloud 9.
5. dusk.
specifically the dusk that includes pink clouds. my mom always told me pink clouds mean good luck. this is my favorite time of day:)

this picture is kind of silly, but you get the idea of how this bright orange just magically appears at about 8pm. magic.

april 20th

happy birthday to my little mar. you're all grown up.

1. monday morning recaps.
there is nothing i love more than updating stace on the weekend events. sittin' on a bench outside of starbucks in the sun sippin' our iced lattes :)
2. morning runs.
i decided to be ambitious this morning. something i've tried to do every morning since the big move...run to the hoopers hands. a perfect 3.2 miles from my house making it a 6.4 mile roundtrip. challenging! today was breathtakingly beautiful. that red bridge against the bright blue sky in the early morning sunlight. i've never felt so lucky. each stride was full of gratitude.
3. meet bruce and roxy.
this sweet little succulent was $4.29 at trader joes. he looked at me so desperately wanting a home. don't worry bruce, i'll keep you safe and happy. it's you and me at work alllll day long:)

that's his girlfriend, roxy. she's pretty rad and dolled up with her hot pink bow.
if you'd like to brush up on your succulent facts: http://www.succulent-plant.com/
4. the hair scrunch.
when i'm in no mood to put time into my hair the scrunch never fails me. wait, that's not true. sometimes it turns out terribly. but not today. even though i used to hate it the awkward teen years, thank you for blessing me with both curl-able and straight-able hair.
5. alone time.
is so necessary. i thrive.

april 19th

1. happiness.
i'm so consumed with happiness i'm almost afraid to tell the universe in fear that someone or something might take it away. as happiness hasn't always come incredibly easy to me i feel like i value it and put such importance on it that when it's here i want to wrap my arms around it and squeeze it so tight and never let it go. i love when it so nicely hugs me back - wraps me in that big bear hug and reassures me that this is the point of life: happiness. finding joy in what you do. letting love in. appreciating every moment.
"you know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." -dr. suess
this so eloquently describes my love affair with life.
2. ACV drinks.
secret concoctions that promise balanced ph levels, clear skin, and a total body healing.
3. meg.
we have these moments where we are just so aligned in our thoughts that it amazes me.
4. anthropologie.
just treated myself to a few new items. i love this store. the window designs are SO creative and their dresses are so fun. i always luck out in there. i got this lavendar flowy baby doll shirt that i'm kind of in love with.
5. the bus.
i seriously love the bus. weirdly obsessed with taking it everywhere. so efficient. it's like a game to map out the route and avoid cabs at all costs.
6. perfect weather.
sunshine in san francisco is heaven on earth. if it was like this everyday i think the entire population would live here. i'm picturing a map of north america leaning slightly to the left as it's weighted down with all of the people who have caught on to how wonderful this place is.
7. tank tops at night.
9pm on a sunday night just out for a stroll.
8. parks.
specifically the fort mason grass. a blanket on a sunday afternoon half in the sun half in the shade with people you love.
9. $20 mani-pedis.
i mean does it get much better than this? massage included!
10. the boys.
i never leave hanging out with them without a smile on my face. it's exhausting to keep up with their lingo, but they are such true, genuine boys and i love them for it. i'm so thankful they can come up to sf for the weekend.
11. dinner club.
there's nothing like cooking for a small little group on a sunday night. the whole process of finding a recipe and going to the store to pick up ingredients and chopping up the veggies and sitting around the table. pretty great.
12. margo and andrea.
they make me smile...and give me such comfort...

april 16th

Thursday, April 16, 2009

1. my yoga mat.
it's been with me since the beginning of time. aka the start of my yoga journey. one side is hot pink and the other is lavender. i usually go with the hot pink side. it's very inspiring during my practice.
2. the lions.
they really add character to the apartment - standing proud and protective outside.
3. going out on a limb.
today i sent a note of gratification to the "higher up." i got such great response. lesson learned: share praise. let the person know the compliment someone else has given them. pay it forward.
4. happy evenings.
for some reason i was so darn happy tonight. i loved everything i was doing. getting off work early, walking home, yoga, relaxing, cooking dinner while listening to music, hanging with meg, trying new concoctions, painting nails, interneting. it just felt so copacetic. i'm so thankful to feel happy with my self and my life routine.
5. you tube.
it's genius. you can literally type in anything and it will magically appear. this one made me smile.

april 15th

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1. my new pink planner.
this thing is fabulous. monthly/weekly 2009. it's workin' for me..
2. heather b. armstrong, it sucked and then i cried.

just looking at the cover makes me giggle. great bus read. makes me absolutely terrified to ever be pregnant, but in a good and endearing way. her blog in book form - couldn't get much better.
3. cute couples.
today on the walk home on the same corner were two couples very much in l-o-v-e. one was off the curb on the edge of the busy street forehead to forehead eyes locked on each other. no regard for anything else around them even though they were at a busy intersection. the second was right behind them sitting on those newspaper machines (is there a word for those coin machines?) just playing the guitar. concentrating on the strings and each other only. thank you for making me stop and observe. witnessing love is so important.
4. van morrison savasana.
"i want to rock your gypsy soullllll"
(great line).
"and when that fog horn blows..."
something about the part about the fog horn and laying there on the floor of lulu in san francisco (the city of fog horns)...i don't know my life just kind of clicked into place. i had the feeling that everything was as it should be. i was exactly where i wanted to be.
5. retainers.

if you can see this lovely photo it's me holding up my blue sparkly retainer. been with me since 7th grade. it's a real beauty. i just love this moment. in the robe...at midnight...no makeup...freshly brushed teeth...hair out of control...ichatting with ame... peeing our pants from laughing so hard. great wednesday night.

april 14th

Monday, April 13, 2009

oh sweet little blog, how i miss you.

here goes another long post as i've been slightly out of sorts lately. i should really follow my own advice: to be thankful even when things are rough. what's the saying? "when the going gets tough, the tough get going." well, practice what you preach. if i've learned one thing in life it's that sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. i can honestly say my life has been completely incomplete without this blog. something's not quite right. lots of change lately, and whereas i know change is good and healthy, it's hard. between the move, a job i want so badly to be good at, a horrid hangover, and a severe allergic reaction that left me in bed all of easter with an awful case of hives, aches, and a fever (yes, tmi), i just haven't been the bright shining self i'd like to be.
nonetheless, things could be worse, a lot worse. finally i'm feeling back to normal.

1. half days.
never could an impromptu half day have fallen on a better friday. good friday. rough morning to say the least. i walked up vallejo street and sat for about 10 minutes taking in the view. i really stopped from nausea and the view just happened to be there. loved the dead silence of the moment.

i meandered into st. peter and paul's cathedral. lots of catholic commotion with it being good friday and all. i wish i was a better catholic and actually knew the exact sequence of events in the bible on this day. instead i just vaguely know. anyhow, i sat in that church full of families, the elderly, and a few nuns waiting for mass to start for a good twenty minutes. i prayed. i prayed for pretty much everyone i know. it felt so darn good.
2. the new hood.
i don't know if i'll ever stop being thankful for this for all the days, months, and even years i'm going to be living here. but, since it's all still new to me i'm going to be consciously thankful for it. love walking and exploring and being part of it all.
3. molls is in town.
it's so great to see her happy. like really genuinely happy and confident and optimistic.
4. soda.
nope, i'm not a soda drinker. but, i can honestly say there have been two key moments in this past week where soda has never tasted so good. a diet coke on friday night was kind of a lifesaver - that carbonation and tiny bit of caffeine really pushed me over that edge to actually feel better. and the other, a diet rootbeer. so tasty and calorie free. my favorite treat this weekend.
5. movie after movie after movie days.
recovering...and taking a sick day.
pretty woman, ratatouille, what happens in vegas, where the heart is, knocked up, 27 dresses :)
6. wind.
two key moments stand out recently where i've loved the wind. (well three, but i've already documented that one and it has to do with standing over the pacific ocean and the wind whipping passed me so hard my eyes watered with tears). one was sitting on a bench overlooking the bay watching the sailboats. without the wind there would be no sailboats and they are pretty fascinating. two was today on a lunch walk. yes, i was freezing, but there's something so purifying and cleansing about the wind. so free.
7. dinner "parties."
not much of a party, more of an excuse to make a new recipe and drink wine. i'd like to do this once a week, please. thank you.
8. house warming gifts.
i wonder who invented these. i love the mini yellow daisies sitting proud and pretty on her granite countertop.
9. lyon street steps.
i remember coming here my first week living in the city on a run. now a whole year has gone by. still love the vibe of this little street. no matter the time of day there are always fellow exercisers and boot campers. and that view...that view is stunning. makes the climb well worth it.
10. tostada salad.
the best one i've ever found: blue barn. i get it every time.

april 7th

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1. giants games.
i live in a city that the giants represent. that hit me today. i'm thankful we have our own team and that i got to experience opening day.
2. pseudo mothers.
we all have them. today trace showered me with hugs and kisses and offered me jackets and scarves and asked if everything was ok in my life and held my hands to warm them up. she just has so much love. she embodies motherhood at its finest. so glad to see her.
3. tea time.
right before bed.
4. my new mini bathroom.
this thing is precious. you've got to see it to believe it.
5. itunes.
i get giddy just thinking of all the music out there for me to download. it's a never-ending cycle and i love it.

april 6th

Friday, April 3, 2009

i've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. i hate to admit it, but it was bound to happen sooner or later. my life didn't feel 100% complete without being able to document my little gratitudes. i still thought about it, though. my connection to the internet was minimal. this entry is dedicated to the past weekend and what has been going on in my life. recapping the positive.

1. moving.
oh-so-stressful, but so incredibly necessary. so cleansing.
2. greenwich street.
my new happy place.
3. neighborhoods.
i have one now! i can step out my front door and go for a WALK. this.makes.my.life. not joking at ALL.
4. bush street memories.

dear first apartment out of college,
you treated me well. i learned lots of good lessons in you. thank you for the high ceilings, the winding staircase, the crystal chandelier, and for supporting me in my independence. i will never forget you. ever.
xoxo, gm
5. internet in my room.
simply divine sitting here in my bed typing. i've dreamed of this ever since i started bloggng.
6. centered beds.
this is the first time in my life (unless you count my twin bed in kindergarden that i only remember actually being in the middle of my room because of the home videos) that the bed has ever been in the center of the room. i can hop out on the left OR the right. depends on how i feel in the morning. is it a left day or a right day? this will be a fun game.
7. mom and dad.
the dynamic duo. they couldn't be more loving and caring and willing to help me feel set up and at home.
8. mom's interior decorating skills.
i learned some fun facts this weekend. a). every flower arrangement needs to have a yellow flower in there. b). candles have specific names, for instance, the long skinny ones are called tapers. thanks mom.
9. half birthdays.
just an excuse to say "it's my half birthday!" and i really like the day april 5th. i'd take my birthday on this day as well.
10. video chat.
my life feels that much more complete when i can see the people i miss and love.

april 2nd

Thursday, April 2, 2009

1. adventures.

mountain view. cal train. dooce. gossip mags. sushi. sorbet. dollar coins. cinnamon gum. running to catch public transport. very unforgettable evening...
2. sipping wine with a straw.
mini bottles of sutter homes cabernet.
3. ice water.
in the brita filter for good nalgene with a straw, of course.
4. kashi.
"we love real natural goods and all the nutrition nature puts in them. that's why we start with fresh ingredients and cook them like you would. it's all natural and all kashi, now for lunch and dinner. you'll feel good long after your last bite."
food that makes you feel good. smart. love this stuff.
5. http://fiftypeopleonequestion.com/locations/3-brooklyn-ny
whenever i'm feeling a little blue, this never fails to make me teary-eyed and put everything into perspective.

april 1st

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1. changing the calendar over to a new month.
just that flipping of the page is so refreshing. this month's quote to inspire and lighten up my cube: "two roads diverged in a wood, and i - i took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." - robert frost.
a classic.
2. away messages.
they just spice up the day. and you can get really creative.
3. the nice comcast woman.
generally, dealing with customer service reps on the phone isn't always the most exciting past time. however, today i got a true gem. who knew comcast empolyed such nice people - don't they have a bad rep? gosh, i wish i could remember this sweet woman's name. after she called ME back to squeeze me in for an appointment on sunday i told her, "i'm grateful for you! i'm going to pay it forward today and share this good karma you just handed off to me." she probably thought i was a nut. little did she know she'd make the blog.
4. dooce.
she's our little celebrity! i can't believe we saw her in the flesh. she came with the southern accent and all, and is just as funny in person as she is in her writing.
you can't see her in this photo because she's hidden behind the sea of people waiting to get their book signed, but you get the general idea of the crowd at books inc.

5. minnie.
the sweetest most loving and giving soul on the planet. i miss our lulu days. i'm so happy for her in nyc embracing this period of her life. go girl. thank you for checking in. thank you for always sending sweet notes. and thank you for being you.

march 31st

1. anna quindlen articles.
one of my favorite little articles of all time.
Exhaust the little moment. Soon it dies.
And be it gush or gold it will not come.
Again in this identical disguise.
-Gwendolyn Brooks
i had this whole speech posted next to my dormroom bunk bed freshman year of college and read it almost every day for inspiration to not take life for granted. i probably had it memerized. i want to be the next anna quindlen.
2. lemon yogurt.
my new favorite snack! "feels like a summer day!"
3. daily candy sf.
every weekday morning without fail. there she is in the inbox...daily candy. so fun. so hip. so sweet.
4. the plant.
formerly called lettuce. this great eatery right off chestnut might be my new healthy organic haven. i wanted to try everything on the menu.
5. smart water.
i guess i'm a victim of packaging and ad campaigns (jennifer aniston just looks so fresh and pretty drinking it). i like it more than "regular" water and it's always fun to treat myself to a tall skinny bottle with the little fish inside:)

march 30th

Monday, March 30, 2009

1. iz's version of somewhere over the rainbow, what a wonderful world.
i get made fun of because this song appears on my pandora more frequently than any other song. seriously. "oh great, gina's listening to over the rainbow again." emabarrasing. but i swear i have no control. i just gave it the thumbs up in the music library. every time it plays it warms my heart. it reminds me of a sad time, but also brings me joy. it was the song my mom clung to when my grandpa - her dad - was passing away. i think it comforted her. every time i hear it i think of him watching over her in heaven. she needs it.
2. don't put off tomorrow...
...what you can do today.
great little truism.
3. light reflections.
tonight on the drive over the bay bridge something caught my eye. don't you love when things "catch your eye?" it was the lights from the oakland shipping port reflecting against the bay. something so ugly turned into something beautiful as the calm bay glistened and shimmered with light.
4. old routines revisited.
i forgot what it was like to commute home on bart every day. great people watching. the weepies playing on the ipod. book in hand. pretty peaceful if you ask me. it truly was a relaxing part of my day. i couldn't help but think today how much has changed since that was part of my life. i felt a world of difference. i'm thankful that if i really wanted to - not that i do - i can slip into that old version of myself, wave at john of john's deli, pretend i'm still walking up to suite 501, and commuting home to the suburbs. the same goes for re-visiting old places and partaking in all of your old routines and activities. soon enough i'll be riding the cable car thinking, "wow, remember the day when..." that's the funny thing about life - without really realizing it, it divides itself into chapters in a book, free to go back and re-read as you please.
5. toothbrushes.
as i brushed my teeth last night, something dawned on me. what would life be like without toothbrushes? i think clean teeth is one of life's greatest little pleasures that we don't really notice. here's a little fun fact for you: In January 2003, the toothbrush was selected as the number one invention Americans could not live without, beating out the automobile, computer, cell phone, and microwave oven, according to the Lemelson-MIT Invention Index.
i agree.

march 29th

1. tan lines.
the first "burn" after hybernating during the winter season is always so memorable. you think you are so tan, but it's really just the stark comparison of the intense paleness vs. the new redness. feels good to have spring and summer approaching, though. i remember when i was little and i'd break out my first pair of shorts for the season. i have this vivid memory of being in these gap mint green shorts with a matching mint green and peach flower decorated t-shirt tucked in walking to my mom's car after school. i'm pretty sure it was 3rd grade. and it was the first 70 degree day of the season. i was excited.
2. one-on-one catch ups.
felt like the weekend was filled with a few much needed catch up sessions with some wonderful people i haven't seen in a while. whether it be a walk, a drink, coffee, or a meal i think it's important. i'm thankful for it.
3. driving windows down.
sunroof open. wind in the hair. fresh air.
4. new mac!
big purchase for me:)
5. how some things never change.
tonight at dez's it felt like no matter how much time goes by we can still sit in her kitchen and feel like we're 17. that's a nice feeling.

march 28th

1. waking up to sunshine...
truly does change the mood. it's amazing to me how much the weather can affect how you feel in the mornings.
2. the san francisco farmers market.
bustling with tons of people and vibrant colors and smells.
3. emabarcadero walks.
chatting and catching up and visiting the seals! this city is so cool.
4. rooftop sun decks.
sun sun warm me up.
5. college basketball.
something about being at a sports bar in the late afternoon cheering is just such a fun activity. so much excitement.

march 27th

Thursday, March 26, 2009

1. collages.
reminds me of being in junior high. i just felt like putting together a little bit of inspiration to envision the future.
2. bbm.
basically instant messaging on the phone. so smart and gives room for more words.
3. don't worry clock.
this makes me smile every time i see it.

it sits above the entrance of the fog city diner and each time i look out the window at the bay club i think, wow, what a great message. instead of numbers, this clock has the letters DON'T WORRY in their place. don't worry about the time...be happy.
4. enjoying friday evenings.
got to leave work at a decent hour to enjoy "happy hour." been too long.
5. impromptu gatherings.
thank you, claire. you are such a dear hostess filling your apartment with flowers and vino and little appetizers and great people. couldn't have been more perfect.

march 26th

1. luna bars.
toasted nuts and cranberry. my go-to.
2. tristan prettyman.
her toxic remake appeared on my pandora today. she rocks. i want to be her. singer. songwriter. guitar player. surfer. san diego girl. in another life...
3. hugs.
long ones.
4. flowers in your hair.
"if you're going to san francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair."
5. self.com.
one of the sites i'm starting to frequent. i love all of the health and the happiness and the "be your best self" it emanates.

march 25th

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1. home time with ames.
we stayed up way too late. six hours is not a sufficient amount of time to be a functioning happy person. however, it was worth it. an evening full of f*r*i*e*n*d*s and lounging.
2. fab four.
as we sat at the kitchen table i got nostalgic for the past. the four of us haven't been together at home in quite some time. it's hard to remember the "before." now the fab four is off to college and embracing the real world. gosh, i love them.
3. camera phones.
every pic on here has been taken by my handy dandy blackberry camera phone. i love it.
4. fast trak.
today i woke up in the worst mood. i blame it on the pure exhaustion. i can honestly say that i hardly ever wake up feeling like it was the wrong side of the bed. regretfully hungover, yes. anxious, sometimes. but never in a bad mood. maybe only a handful of days out of the 365 in a year. anyhow, the point of this over-share is that one thing that improved my morning was fast trak. amidst my freak out that i was going to get to work way too late, it slightly improved my mood. the ray of light in the morning commute (which i am so thankful i don't have to partake in every morning of this life) was our oh-so-time-saving-fast-trak-pass.
5. getting my butt kicked.
sometimes you need someone to motivate you to burn those cals and get endorphins. i'm thankful for that.

march 24th

1. charity focus emails.
every morning for the past 5 years i've received a daily inspiration email. without fail in the early hours of the morning my phone chimes and when i wake up i have a lovely quote in my inbox. it's so routine and so comforting.
"you have it easily in your power to increase the sum total of this world's happiness now. how? by giving a few words of sincere appreciation to someone who is lonely or discouraged. perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime." --dale carnegie
so true.
2. shan's sweet emails out of the blue.
i can only hope that i contribute to her happiness.
"i was looking at my bookmarks to see if there was anything that might be able to cheer me up and there was your blog with its cute little orange B (for blogspot of course) and i clicked on it and...i took a deep breath, looked outside at the sunshine and just felt more refreshed and ready to take on the afternoon."
thank gosh for this.
3. flying.
i don't think i'll ever understand how it works. every time i land i am grateful as i'm not the world's greatest flier, that's for sure. something about not having control and the unexpected bumps and the feeling that at any given moment something could go wrong. i'm working on it. when i make it from point a to point b without any bumps or bruises i'm happy.

4. rez run.
with ames. perfect.
5. what about bob? quotes.
"i want some peace and quiet.
well i'll be quiet.
i'll be peace."

march 23rd

Monday, March 23, 2009

1. the nice LA office.
i guess i must admit that i'm lucky to get to work out of the LA office every now and again. it's pretty opposite the window-less cave that is sf. while i'm here i temporarily get a single office with glass from floor to ceiling. currently the sun is at my back. it's so bright that it's putting a slight shadow on my computer screen. i don't care, though, i'll strain my eyes in sacrifice for the sun. it's worth it.
2. ellen in the afternoons.
it kind of makes me feel "homey" at the office. i'm a fan of the background noise...kind of like i'm sitting in my own family room.
3. eagle creek luggage.
so reliable and sturdy. reminds me of wheeling it miles and miles throughout europe. full of the few items of clothing i wore over and over and adorned with the matching detachable backpack. good times.
4. sheraton universal.
i think it's a great, easy, efficient hotel. love the workout room. and the room service. and the comfy beds that you can kind of disappear into.
5. sleepovers.
i like to pretend i have an older sister:) since i wasn't born with one i think it's one of my callings in life to find as many older sister figures as i can.

march 22nd

today my blog is people-themed. dedicated to genuine souls.
1. paula.
a unique and loving mother. i can honestly say i feel as if she loves me as her own daughter. so curious and encouraging of me. i am so lucky to have her in my life.
2. brian.
it amazes me how two people find each other. for more than 20 years they live their lives apart and don't even know that one another exist. then they come together and make the other person a huge priority in their lives. it's fascinating to me. when i was little i have this vivid memory of our long-time family babysitter, jen, tucking me in at night. in my pink and wicker covered room she sat at the edge of my bed and said to me: "imagine what your husband is doing right now..." that must have been when my obsession with love first started. my innocent 8-year-old self pictured him watching tv on his family room couch. somewhere. out there. wouldn't it be funny if that was actually true. no one will ever know - except god of course. anyhow, somehow being thankful for brian and that b & a found each other made me go off on that tangent. my very best thoughts go out to them both and i'm grateful the universe brought them together.
3. kelley.
she is one of the more giving and motherly women i know who wants the best for her friends and the people she loves. we were on the same page today and i'm thankful for that:) great minds think alike. she was kind enough to drive me up to studio city and host me at her little apartment so i could work out of the LA office. bottle of wine included in the one night stay. i am so proud of the successful life she has created for herself post-college. go girlfriend. thank you!
4. alexis.
sometimes i get cravings to be curled up in that king bed with the giant brown comforter on a saturday morning with my best friend. after living in different cities and coming down for a visit i am reminded by how much time we really did spend together at one point in our lives. 24/7 is not an understatment. alexis is one of my definitions of comfort. love and miss her.
5. the rorden fam.
they are so dear. their house is so positive and full of love. i can honestly say that there's no way to leave not feeling positive. thankful to know them.

march 21st

1. BART.
it's a love-hate relationship, really. however, it gets you directly to the airport in no time at all.
2. travel buddies.
makes the journey that much more enjoyable. thank you to my two beautiful margarets...the time just flew by.
3. san diego.
my dreams of moving here still exist. if you had asked me in 2007 where i would be at twenty three it would be in del mar living on the coast with my best friend. funny how plans change and before you know it you find yourself in a place that never really even crossed your mind. but, it all works out. i have faith that the universe will put everything as it should be. for now san diego is one of my most favorite destinations.
4. cute cafes.
a little saturday morning breakfast in the sun at an old yellow-house-turned-cafe in leucadia.
5. college crew.
i am blessed. beyond thankful.

march 20th

Thursday, March 19, 2009

1. sweet dreams playlists.
filled with alexi murdoch, annie lennox, amos lee, and much more...
"may the grace of god be with you always in your heart
may you know the truth inside you from the start
may you find the strength to know you are part of something beautiful."
some of the more beautiful words i've ever heard. i'll fall asleep to that ever night, thank you.
2. perfect nails.
not a chip in sight...the perfect pale pink. there's nothing like it.
3. silk.
a peaceful nail and foot spa. 50 yards from my home sweet apartment.
4. rob convos.
you know those people that are just so easy to talk to? you feel like you can say anything to them and yet you barely know them. i love that. i'm thankful for rob and our usual 20 min friday check-ins on all aspects of life.
5. cow cow <3
what would i do without him? for my 8th birthday i opened a perfectly wrapped red, white, and blue reebok showbox to find my most favorite stuffed animal ever. he's got me through some tough times.

march 19th

1. parker p.
as i meandered into lulu free yoga tonight i expected a packed class full of 65 people like i'd heard were there the previous week. i hate to admit it, but this has been slightly detering me from going as frequently. instead, upon entering, i felt like it was last april when lulu was a little best-kept-secret, hardly packed at all. parker is such a fabulous-cool-loving-hippie-soul. she was in sb during grand opening of lulu the first day i was on the floor as nervous as ever. tonight, after i told her i hadn't been in a while said: "sometimes we have to not come for a while so we can remember that it feels good to be back." this is so true about many things in life. like when you leave a place you live for a while and return with a new kind of appreciation.
2. sunset over downtown.
on my jaunt to union i caught the tail end of the sunset in the reverse direction - away from the sun. the buildings were half shadowed and half shining bright with a pretty gray colored sky back drop. loved it. i paused extra long on every corner to turn my head.
3. nick.
two words: sweet heart.
4. advice.

there's a funny story behind this little note. when i first moved to the city a year ago i was seeking some advice. i think i was having a lonely day...thinking about love. via gchat s.g. wrote me some wise words. and, what did i do? i saved the conversation and wrote it down word for word on a piece of lined paper only to re-read it every now and again. (this reminds me of a third grade dictation lesson). i'm big on saving advice. in fact, i've been known to email myself conversations i've had just to be able to pull the words back up when i might need them. and we all know: words are powerful. you never know when you'll be having a bad day and need a pick-me-up. the most important statement on this piece of paper is in all caps: THE MORE CAREFREE AND CONFIDENT YOU ARE THE BETTER.
point taken.
5. new kombucha flavors.
yes, it's the little things. i wonder how much money i've spent on this stuff. rejuvinate. restore. revitalize. replenish. regenerate. who wouldn't want to buy it? so far i've noticed 3 new flavors all with black labels. i picked up botanic no.3 last night and the checker at whole foods informed me that "it really gets things moving if you know what i mean..."
ok, great, thanks for the tip.

march 18th

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

happy aloha birthday laur!
1. neutrogena grapefruit facewash.
every time i wash my face i feel like i'm eating sour grapefruit candies. yum! and, i think of vanessa hudgens every time.
i probably subconsciously bought it because of this, but i also think i was a sucker for the color pink.
2. silly questions.
the other day i asked stace an interesting question that i've been thinking about for a while, but never actually asked anyone. what is the one song that always pops in your head if you're just dying to start singing a song aka your "go-to" song?
hers is one from the brady bunch. mine is the dawson's creek theme song. "i don't want to wait for our lives to be overrrrrrr...." oh paula cole.
what's yours?
3. putting names to faces.
i never thought my profession would entail my main mode of communication to be via email. so not my personality. but, i'm learning. got to go to a nice lunch today with the people i work with on a daily basis. go old navy.
4. great doctors.
it's so nice to find a young doctor to relate to. very refreshing!
5. visiting georgia.
a little 4pm stroll to the park to visit georgia o'keefe and her two dogs. discovered a new fabulous statue today. we named her adele the heart.

just spreading some love...

march 17th

1. mail.
thank gosh for usps. snail mail is slightly under-rated. it leaves your hands to magically appear in someone else's mailbox all because of a number and street name. if you think hard enough about it, it's fascinating. i'm on a mailing kick.
2. tv on treadmills.
today i got to watch martha stewart make corned beef and cabbage. i decided for some reason that i strangely really enjoy this show. everything is just so perfect and put together - kind of a dream world if you ask me.
3. secret notes.
shhhh never know when you'll find one...suitcases, nightstands, mirrors, oh my! great little phenomenon.
4. soberness.
on my way home tonight the bus was packed with some festive st. patrick's day party-goers. glad someone was celebrating. while the ride was filled with a sea of green, loud voices, and the stench of red-bull & vodka, i smiled to myself. never was i ever so glad that i didn't partake in jaeger. it was nice to feel healthy. had the yoga-tired-muscle-feeling and a whole foods craving. perfect.
5. elizabeth rosser.
sometimes i feel like a santa barbara yoga snob since i was so spoiled down there in that amazing yoga community. however, e.r. makes me feel like i'm right back there...almost as if i'm in one of kj's classes. almost. she's been my saving grace of a teacher in the last six months. i know there's way more to explore up here...and i will...

march 16th

1. gift giving.
seeing people happy is so fun! it's instant joy.
2. vallejo street walk to north beach.
just the perfect amount of steep and an incredible little view of the bay bridge that creeps up on you and takes you by surprise.
3. leftovers.
free lunch:)
4. monday night tv after over a month of re-runs.
i went through withdrawals. thank gosh it's back.
5. wandering.
today i wondered into lola in north beach and discovered one of the best inventions i've ever seen. a journal called "gratitude" filled with blank lined pages to write in. however, each page included an exercise to show and feel gratitude: write a gratitude letter to someone. write a list of things that make you happy. etc. it just warmed my heart that being grateful is a movement and we all need to jump on the bandwagon. we can sit around and mope and think negatively or we can truly focus on the positive.

march 15th

1. friends late-night on the couch.
there's something so comforting about watching an episode on the comfy green couch wrapped in a blanket. it's home to me.
2. relatable sermons.
if my memory is working correctly, i haven't been to church since christmas. hate to admit it. mom is a really good catholic and really great at encouraging me to go. when i was little i never paid attention to sermons...my mind would wander no matter how hard i tried to relate. however, the messages get clearer as you grow up and today the moral was that people are constantly tied up in the past and the future and don't live in the present. we are constantly worried about what's going to happen that we don't enjoy the moment. our anxiety gets in the way (enter dad and mom giving each other the look). i couldn't agree more, and lately i've been trying to be very conscious of living in the present moment. the priest also discussed gratitude and said that it is the secret to being happy and living in the moment. he told a story about his mother and how she comments even on a rainy day how beautiful it is outside and how the trees blow so beautifully in the wind instead of complaining about the gray overcast streak we've been having. i think this is an important lesson that is the secret to happiness.
3. grandma irene.
what a doll she is. her old house is so comforting. i love making her laugh and cheering her up.
4. crafting.
i get into zen mode. i love making gifts from the heart especially frames. creativity is so important. finally i had some down time...
5. early dinners.
didn't eat after 8pm when i usually get home from work for once! so nice. brought me back to the theta dinners at promptly 5:30 days.

march 14th

Friday, March 13, 2009

happy birthday molls!
1.old friends visiting.
i love seeing someone you haven't seen in a while...how they've changed and grown up, but are still so much the same. allie was in town and i was reminded of her passion for life. i miss her and wish her all the happiness in austin. i'm so proud of everything she's accomplished since graduation:)
2. the northern california coastline.
beautiful beaches aren't just in southern california. i feel like our coast up here is slightly under-rated. my oh my how gorgeous it is...and right at our fingertips.
3. wind.
as i stood on a ledge over looking the ocean the wind whipped passed me so hard that i couldn't hear anything but the sound of the wind...it definitely has it's own voice. eyes watering...hair tangled...so rejuvinating!
4. the golden gate bridge.
so picturesque...
5. neighbors.
we really only have one, and he doesn't even live there, he just runs a hair salon downstairs. he makes me feel good every time i leave the house:)

march 13th

friday the 13th! i don't think i believe in it:)
1. holiday in spain.
live. by the counting crows. on pandora. friday morning.
2. i just wanted to say...

thank you! as do you.
3. free spirit.
why am i so fascinated with these two words?
(n). a person with a highly individual or unique attitude, lifestyle, or imagination; nonconformist.
somehow it has become one of my goals in life.
4. a fabulous yoga class at lunch.
i needed this. wow.
5. productivity.
love leaving with the feeling that i've got a small handle on things. bright coral nails on the keyboard really made me happy today:)

march 12th

1. diagonal sidewalks.
something is so fun about walking right through intersections. you feel like you're breaking the rules and being rebellious.
2. laughter...
...is the best medicine. i feel like i laughed a lot today about silly things.
3. the perfect gift.
you know that feeling where you just find something so fitting for someone? you know they've been wanting it and a birthday just happens to be coming up...you know they're going to love it. great feeling to know you'll bring someone joy.
4. getting lost, but then being composed.
i was so engrossed in my people magazine article about the "where are they now?" slumdog millionare kids back in india that i went straight passed my stop. i look up and panic when i see webster flash up as the next stop. wait, is that before or after fillmore? how far have i gone? where am i? a moment of sheer panic. which, i realize is silly seeing as though it's really not that far. but, there were a few seconds there that i looked like a true lost soul. it was such a strange feeling. thankful you can hop right on the bus going the other direction.
5. thursday night randomness.
wine + fire escapes + chats + maybe a parliament or two.
go ahead, judge me.

march 10th

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1. slow strolls at lunch.
as i sit here and reflect on my day, i'm realizing that this feeling occurs quite often: i search and dig deep for gratitude. i go through the motions of the day in my head. wake up, get ready, walk to work, office 9-6, gym, bus, dinner, chat, tv, blog, bed. oh, routine...there's something so wonderful about it, yet also so monotonous. as i sit here and reflect, my day is split up into tiny pieces, and inevitably, the time that i get for a break in the middle of the day is always something that stands out. time is of the essence, right? thank gosh for the sun today...even though it was quite brisk. in the words of the beautiful l.e.c. (because i will never in any way, shape, or form take credit for this phrase) whom i got to spend this 30 min adventure with, i think i am in need of a little bit of a - kickstart my heart - action. someday when she creates her own blog, this is what it'll be called. can't wait for that day.
2. mom's nostalgia.
via text. "i was thinking about when you were a hot box girl today because it is musical time at school. those beautiful legs in those black fish net stockings. i sewed those costumes." i don't think about that enough - guys & dolls. good memory. great one, actually. thanks mom.
3. people magazine.
i need to catch up on my pop culture. jason and molly on the cover is really what got me to buy it:)
4. gap light pink heart covered pajama pants.
i almost didn't buy them. they were on sale after valentine's day at gap. now i look forward to getting all snug as a bug in a rug in these pants. that $17 was worth it. they make me happy.
5. maps.
love them. tonight, i just felt like google mapping. i decided today (although i've been thinking about this for quite some time now) that i want to do a cross country road trip. this is what i picture: a small group of couples - all of my best friends - renting a winnebego and making our way for 6 weeks around the glorious united states hitting all of the fabulous land marks. it'll happen...

march 9th

Monday, March 9, 2009

1. baby priscilla picture texts from jami.
it's amazing how quickly babies grow. i wish i saw her more often, but i am delighted to get a picture text every few weeks to keep track of her milestones...baby's first bath, baby's first foll over, baby's first pigtails, baby's first sit up. eat your heart out.

2. bedtime routines.
i honestly think it's so important to have a little ritual before hitting the hay to help wind down from the day.
3. cayenne pepper
i'm back on my kick. really spices up dinner:)
4. facebook for blackberry.
efficient when i have zero computer access.
5. the missing piece meets the big o by shel silverstein.
this book was given to me by a very special friend - a soul sister. shel silverstein is my favorite childhood poet. there is this one poem by him in "where the sidewalk ends" that i would read over and over as a kid and never get sick of. anyhow, i want to share my favorite part of this book. the simplicity of the entire story is what makes it so special. no colors, just black lines against a white page.
"and then one day, one came along who looked different.
'what do you want of me?' asked the missing piece.
'what do you need from me?'
'nothing. i am the big o' said the big o.
'i thnk you are the one i have been waiting for,' said the missing piece. 'maybe i am your missing piece.'
'but i am not a missing piece,' said the big o. 'there is no place you would fit.'
'that is too bad,' said the missing piece. 'i was hoping that perhaps i could roll with you...'
'you cannot roll with me,' said the big o, 'but perhaps you can roll by yourself.'
'by myself? a missing piece cannot roll by itself.'
'have you ever tried?' asked the big o.
'but i have sharp corners,' said the missing piece. 'i am not shaped for rolling.'
'corners wear off,' said the big o, 'and shapes change. anyhow, i must say good-bye. perhaps we will meet again...'
and away it rolled.
the missing piece was alone again.
for a long time it just sat there.
then...slowly...it lifted itself up on one end...and flopped over.
then lift...pull...flop...it began to move forward...
and soon its edges began to wear off...liftpullflopliftpullflop...and its shape began to change...and then it was bumping instead of flopping...and then it was bouncing instead of bumping...and then it was rolling instead of bouncing...
and it didn't know where and it didn't care.
it was rolling!"
to me, this is the essence of growing up and finding your own way. and in true twenty-something fashion (because i always relate it back to this), the essence of being twenty-three and creating the whole person that is you. it's about not changing yourself for someone else. and about being a complete and whole person so in your relationships that confident individual shines without any holes to be filled. that way we can all roll right along next to each other.
may your perfect match be a perfect whole.
here's to rolling...

march 8th

Sunday, March 8, 2009

1. daylight savings.
it's lighter later...enough said.
2. avila beach.
a great little best-kept-secret-of-a-beach-town. today was filled with sunshine and rock collecting and swinging and picture taking and strolling and browsing and snow-coning. it was perfect.
3. full circle.
as we stood there and said goodbye today, we all had a little epiphane. as ame drove away to go back to school and i stood there with mom and dad, i felt like the roles were reversed. i caught a glimpse of how she used to feel while i was away for four years at school. now i'm the one driving back home while she spends four years in the same place. soon enough she'll be back home and i'll be elsewhere. oh the circle of life. and then dad goes, "seems like this is how it'll be until you girls are off and married..." wow.
4. two words in all caps: "IT'S YOURS."
...an email at 8:07pm from our future landlord. thank you. here we go new adventure!
5. twitterpated.
my favorite word in the english language.
-to be completely enamored with someone/something
-the flighty exciting feeling you get when you think about/see the object of your affection
-romantically excited (i.e.: aroused)
-the ever increasing acceleration of heartbeat and body temperature as a result of being engulfed amidst the exhilaration and joy of being/having a romantic entity in someone's life
the way i describe is it when your stomach literally burns and is on fire with excitement. i love that feeling. i hope it happens sometime in the near future. that would sure be nice.
then i stumbled upon this video from bambi. i highly advise watching it.
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