may 14th

Thursday, May 14, 2009

1. INTERNET!!!!!
yes, you heard it. finally my sweet little lap top is getting the internet it deserves. peacelovegreenwich. in every room. tv to kitchen to bedroom. this internet is gettin' around if you know what i mean. i feel so settled now. thank you, dad. my life is complete:)
2. the weepies.
just bought the hideaway album. they never cease to amaze me.
Monday come like Tuesday
You were something else I will admit
I remember what you told me
I only wish I could forget
I only wish I could forget

3. bananas.
(wow, mar is going to hate me for this one). but, they really are a daily staple.
4. chai tea.
with 1 splenda. mmmmm.
5. antibiotics.
that azithromycin got the sinus infection under control.


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