may 29th

Friday, May 29, 2009

1. friday mornings.
that include a good walk, a shower, and a coffee.
2. sheer moments of happiness on the bus.
this might sound odd, but i've had several experiences now where i find myself in a moment completely consumed with happiness...and they frequently happen on the bus. yup, me and public transport, i know. maybe because it's frequently quiet and peaceful and i have my ipod going and i just get to sit there and think when i don't bring any reading material along. anyhow, i had one of these moments today. it felt so good. not sure what came over me...just a feeling of gratitude and that i loved life and i smiled to myself not caring what people thought of me.
3. blow dryers.
i mean, honestly, as a girl...what would we do without them?
4. summer fridays.
i still cannot believe that nbc gives these. leaving at 2 made me so incredibly happy.
5. spontaneous friday adventures.
i never want to forget this afternoon. ever ever ever. i feel so special.


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