may 5th

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

1. tony, our wonderful building security guard serenading us with his guitar.
i told him that every day when i walked in i was going to think of a new nickname for him: t$, t-bone, t only lasted about 3 days as you can see i ran out. he is such a sweet soul. the days he brings his guitar are the best as he sits there strumming tunes. i feel as if his life is so simple and i admire that.
2. sweet potatoes.
my new favorite dinner staple. and it's a superfood!
3. mrs. fagan emails.
she was my favorite - my "mom at school" - freshman through senior year. i decided to send her a note because it had just been too long and my mom told me the cutest story about her and may day happened to be her birthday. funny how so much time passes, but i feel like i could just sit down in her PE office as a TA and chat and everything would be as it should be, like no time had gone by at all. i'm thankful i know her.
4. facebook messages.
out of the blue. i feel like they were so "college." everyone communicates on email now. however, it was fun getting one of these. so many modes of communication, aren't there? calls, texts, IM's, emails, gchats, facebook messages. my oh my.
5. margaritas.
happy cinco de mayo!


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