may 27th

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1. wednesday morning spins.
dear australian carl is a great way to start my wednesday morning and spice up the week. meg inspired me to think about spinning differently too. we have to think of endorphins as a gift and be gratful for our bodies that let us be active and break a great sweat and get some natural happiness. "think of all the people who can't do this!?" i'm thankful i can. please keep working, body.
2. friends in bed.
season 5 episode 1: the one where ross says rachel.
friends is so comforting. i decided i'm going to watch an episode a night this week.
3. dave matthews band, dreamgirl.
you're like my best friend
after a good good drunk
you and me wake up and make love
after a deep sleep when i was dreaming
i was dreaming of a dream girl

perfect timing in my day. i forgot what a good song this is. can't wait to be a someone's best friend dreamgirl.
4. getting excited for lulu.
5. spontaneous walks home.
with just the cutest dollface. put me in a giddy mood.


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