may 4th

Sunday, May 3, 2009

1. days you are determined to embrace even though the weather is crummy.
just because it was overcast and misty didn't mean i was going to stay in. instead we stood in the rain at the farmers market and sampled and roamed and just enjoyed life. i finally got to meet molly's best friend from grad school and i was reminded that good people find each other. i love that feeling. i loved everything about the cold morning especially walking all the way home singing out loud from underneath my umbrella.
2. umbrellas.
thank goodness for them, right? without them this endeavor wouldn't have been as do-able.
3. my computer desktop screen saver.
this picture makes me happy every time i open up the comp.

just swingin'...
4. cereal.
i always mix two. with soy milk. can't start my day properly without it. i think i'll probably have it for breakfast almost every day for the rest of my life if i can.
5. butterflies.
not the pretty little insects that flutter around in nature that i love to doodle. the ones in your tummy. i haven't had them in a while. a long while. but i'm living vicariously through my sister at the moment so those will have to do for now. i'm so thankful for her. the love for a sister is such a unique, unconditional love. you want to protect her and her little heart and help her grow up to be the best she can be.
6. my kitchen.
it's the perfect size and this thing is so usable, i find myself cooking way more, which i love.
7. new friends.
that's the wonderful thing about living in this city, there's always a chance to meet new people. i'm so thankful for the new people that have come into my life in the passed year.
8. the 20's.
i went through a period where i was deathly afraid of my 20's and all that lay ahead. it's a period of intense growing pains. but now i'm starting to take a strong liking to them. all the change that comes along with these years is fascinating.
9. crayons.
very underrated if you ask me. i miss that value pack of almost 100 colors - robbins egg blue, mac n' cheese, forest green - with the sharpener built into the back. oh the excitement of so many color options when you were a kid. i still get excited. even though i only had about 16 colors to choose from, i had fun making a little sign:)
10. trader joes at lunch.
discovered today that it's just 1 hour walking roundtrip. perfecto!


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