hi. i'm gina. i am honored that you stopped in to say hello.

started this blog in 2009 as a space where i could write down five things a day i was thankful for. it was a way to bring the art of 'gratitude journaling' to life because i believe that being mindful of the simple things is the key to happiness.

and so, the gratitude journal evolved. it's all happening... is named after that one scene in almost famousdo you know the one? whenever i say it in my head i emphasize the all, put my hands in the air, and feign a penny lane twirl, but that's not really how she does it, is it? oh well, that's how we do it here.

the bravest thing i've done in my late twenties is move across the country, and then move back across it again. it's true what they say, if you can make in new york, you can make it anywhere. i think a year and a half equates to making it, so i guess i'm good now. moving to and moving from new york gave me a new appreciation for california and most importantly it left me with a heart feeling lighter than ever upon returning to my home state. so, that's all i can ask for, really.

i believe in beach walks at sunset to watch the sky turn shades of orange and blue you never thought possible. i believe in a good routine, well-balanced breakfasts, reformer pilates, and surrounding yourself with the people you love. 

if i ever have enough courage to get a tattoo it will say this:

heart on her lips
soul within her eyes

because that's exactly how i try to live. with all the heart and soul i possibly can.

this blog is for me to pretend i'm a writer. because there's something about good writing, isn't there? it gives life meaning. this blog is also my gratitude notepad to capture and document everything i'm thankful for. no matter what, i vow to be grateful for every experience in my life. to trust that everything is as it should be. because after all, it's all happening for a reason.

thank you for reading!


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