hearts so full.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

here's the thing, san diego, i always new it was you.

at my college graduation dinner, i announced to my parents, i'm going to move to san diego.

[utter silence. blank stares].

no you're not.

i deflate. well, yes i am.

cue the common retorts that every college grad gets, what are you going to do for work? how are you going to make money?

it seemed so simple at the time. i loved so many things about san diego. i'd move there, get a job, live with my best friend, and the rest would be history.

apparently not. at least not then.

you know how people say everything happens for a reason? well, it's true. instead of being the person who moved to san diego right after college, i became the person who lived in san francisco then new york then san diego. and you know what? i wouldn't have it any other way. i think i saved the best for last.

my life is pretty simple as of late. i run. i do pilates. i soak in the pure goodness of the dearest of friends surrounding me. i embrace this lovely community. i make sure to watch the sunset and check the tide schedule to see if it will affect my daily running route. i worry about things like not burning my roasted veggies and being a good roomie to the two precious souls who have given me the most amazing place to call home.

lets just say my life is so drastically different than it has ever been and i am in absolute bliss. i'll let you in on a little secret, san diego is heaven on earth. my heart is so full, and in turn i'm becoming the person i've always wanted to be.

so that's the update around here. i've been so quiet, i know, but i hope to write more through this glorious transformation. sending you all my full hearted love.
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