may 29th

Friday, May 29, 2009

1. friday mornings.
that include a good walk, a shower, and a coffee.
2. sheer moments of happiness on the bus.
this might sound odd, but i've had several experiences now where i find myself in a moment completely consumed with happiness...and they frequently happen on the bus. yup, me and public transport, i know. maybe because it's frequently quiet and peaceful and i have my ipod going and i just get to sit there and think when i don't bring any reading material along. anyhow, i had one of these moments today. it felt so good. not sure what came over me...just a feeling of gratitude and that i loved life and i smiled to myself not caring what people thought of me.
3. blow dryers.
i mean, honestly, as a girl...what would we do without them?
4. summer fridays.
i still cannot believe that nbc gives these. leaving at 2 made me so incredibly happy.
5. spontaneous friday adventures.
i never want to forget this afternoon. ever ever ever. i feel so special.

may 28th

Thursday, May 28, 2009

1. front porch presents.

so sweet. one of those things in life that makes me smile. i live for these moments.
2. middle names.
i feel like i don't acknowledge mine enough, but how cool is it that each and every one of us has 2 names...
3. suzie and mom visits.
how great it is that mom and auntie can have a day adventure in the city and then come visit me. i heart them and their sisterly bond.
4. rose's cafe.
i would describe it as the perfect restaurant. i now have two great memories here. the first being my birthday brunch out front on that sunny sunday with a long table full of wonderful girls. the second was tonight nestled in the corner booth. great meal. next time i envision sitting at the tiny bar with a glass of wine and a fabulous partner in crime.
5. sleepovers.
with soul friends. i am so comforted and at peace with her here. there are two important elements to our friendship. non-stop chatter where we can release anything and everything on our minds and perfect pure silence. it makes me think of that quote: “the best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.” as i sit here writing this next to you in silence, i realize this describes you and i perfectly. i am lucky to have you.

may 27th

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1. wednesday morning spins.
dear australian carl is a great way to start my wednesday morning and spice up the week. meg inspired me to think about spinning differently too. we have to think of endorphins as a gift and be gratful for our bodies that let us be active and break a great sweat and get some natural happiness. "think of all the people who can't do this!?" i'm thankful i can. please keep working, body.
2. friends in bed.
season 5 episode 1: the one where ross says rachel.
friends is so comforting. i decided i'm going to watch an episode a night this week.
3. dave matthews band, dreamgirl.
you're like my best friend
after a good good drunk
you and me wake up and make love
after a deep sleep when i was dreaming
i was dreaming of a dream girl

perfect timing in my day. i forgot what a good song this is. can't wait to be a someone's best friend dreamgirl.
4. getting excited for lulu.
5. spontaneous walks home.
with just the cutest dollface. put me in a giddy mood.

may 26th

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1. the little things.
remember when you were little and your parents used to let you have a treat at the grocery store? i used to choose this box of animal cookies...

i remember they used to be right by the deli section at safeway and i have this vivid memory of me reaching up to the shelf with pure excitement to devour these lions and tigers and bears. oh my.
anyhow, today i got a surprise treat from my parents at the grocery store. i think treats mean more when you're older because you actually think about the nice gesture instead of expecting that you automatically deserve it. i wasn't even at the store with them and mom calls to tell me they got me "that tea you like" also known as kombucha; however, they can't pronouce it correctly. i don't blame them, it's hard for first timers. anyhow, that grocery store surprise meant more to me than they know. thanks guys.
2. grey's anatomy.
snuggled in bed with mom on a cold saturday night. love the laptop and the episodes online. much needed.
3. kane sushi.
best i've ever had in my twenty three years.
4. tuesday night vball.
i look forward to the walk to and from more than the actual game itself.
5. seche vite.
dry fast top coat. it's making my manicure last a lot longer.

may 25th

Sunday, May 24, 2009

1. long weekends.
god bless the 3 day weekends. can't wait to be thrown off all week and think it's monday when it's really tuesday.
2. healdsburg, ca.
what a little hidden gem.
3. wine tasting.
someday i'm going to live on a vineyard and taste wine for a living. someday.
4. new clothes.
i started having sheer moments of panic recently feeling like i had no clothes i genuinely like anymore. yes, i realize that's completely irrational. added a few budget and non-budget pieces to my wardrobe today. thank gosh for wc.
5. burger nights.
just the three of us. happy memorial day!

may 19th

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1. rooftops.
those days when somehow you end up on a rooftop at sunset make for the best days in sf. my top 2 favorite days in the city occurred up up high.
2. kelley marie english visits.

this picture really sums up kelley's visit and perfectly captures grateful point #1 above. i'm so thankful she came to visit.
3. parrots.
i FINALLY saw the telegraph hill parrots. they're so lovable. there's even a documentary on them.,_San_Francisco
just in case you want to brush up on your wikipedia facts and get the story:)
4. the bachelorette.
i'd go on here in a second. can i please?
5. stevie nicks.
my idol. i don't think she can get any cooler.

dreams unwind loves a state of mind

well maybe i'm just thinking that the rooms are all on fire
everytime that you walk in the room
well there is magic all around you, if I do say so myself
i have known this much longer than i've known you

may 15th

Thursday, May 14, 2009

1. dinner dates at the plant.
just a spur of the moment fabulous date. i am so lucky. my life is good.
2. garden burgers.
purple ones made of beets.
3. morning workouts.
i haven't visited in a while, she just rocks my socks.
5. the office.
i want to find a jim.

may 14th

1. INTERNET!!!!!
yes, you heard it. finally my sweet little lap top is getting the internet it deserves. peacelovegreenwich. in every room. tv to kitchen to bedroom. this internet is gettin' around if you know what i mean. i feel so settled now. thank you, dad. my life is complete:)
2. the weepies.
just bought the hideaway album. they never cease to amaze me.
Monday come like Tuesday
You were something else I will admit
I remember what you told me
I only wish I could forget
I only wish I could forget

3. bananas.
(wow, mar is going to hate me for this one). but, they really are a daily staple.
4. chai tea.
with 1 splenda. mmmmm.
5. antibiotics.
that azithromycin got the sinus infection under control.

may 10th

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

longest blog post ever...and very picture-themed. i'd like to seperate into days, but life is just overflowing with beauty.

unconditional love is my inspiration.

1. stopping to smell the flowers.

oh, hi hunny.
this might be the best smelling rose i've ever smelled. caught me by surprise on my walk home. delicious.
2. life coaches.
a distant aspiration of mine. tonight yoga was taught by an awesome influential life coach. what an incredible combination. yoga instructor meets life coach. doesn't get much better. "what are you grateful for?" was his main message. we were on the same page, obviously i liked him:)
3. laughing 'til you cry.
over simple little things.
4. crafts in the park.
my saving grace to get me through the work day.
5. doctors lists.
never have i ever seen a doctor write a list of things to make note of - little bullet points to keep healthy: vitamin c, airborne, probiotics, curel, etc. so considerate. every doctor should send you off with a list of ways to get healthy.
6. wine after work.
great way to end the week. i haven't had a glass of vino with one of my faves in a while. these impromptu dates are always ones for the record books.
7. my backyard.

the fam always jokes that we don't need to go on vacation, as it's right in our backyard. it's true. i'm usually the least thankful out of the four of us for this great little plot of land. however, that's going to change.
8. sisters reunited.

what would my life without a sister? empty.
9. slurpees.
cherry, coca cola, pina colada. the straw with the little scooper at the end. makes me feel like i'm 10 years old again.
10. sunsets.
from different angles in the most random of places. specfically this time: the mount diabo hills.
11. dance memories.

i stumbled upon this picture going through old pictures on my lap top. this just made me smile and i couldn't resist posting it.
12. bouza fam.
so happy and loving and full of life. glad to know them.
13. metro.
love the people. love the ambiance. some great drunken (yes, i used that word) memories here. i just leave always feeling good about myself. and, nothing beats the tuna poke and the lemon drops.
14. lemon drops.
yup, the best. and the sugar coating rim. to die for.
15. mothers.
happy mothers day sweet little mamma. i am so thankful for you. you deserve breakfast in bed and all sorts of happiness and treats.
16. full moons.
we always get excited for them. i'm not sure how or why, but it seems so magical. i'm not going to lie, one time ames and i did a seance in the backyard and burning things. kind of a cleansing act. we are SO now and then.
i see the moon
the moon sees me
the moon sees the one i long to see
so god bless the moon
and god bless me
and god bless the one i long to see

17. dance parties.
with the fam. in our family room.
18. morucci's sandwiches.
i will go out on a limb here and make a bold statement: THE BEST SANDWICH. today's pick was turkey cranberry.
19. picnics.
something that is becomming sort of a mother's day tradition.
20. a photo...
says a thousand words.

and sums up the weekend.
21. baby cousins.
who want to sit in your lap for hours.

may 5th

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

1. tony, our wonderful building security guard serenading us with his guitar.
i told him that every day when i walked in i was going to think of a new nickname for him: t$, t-bone, t only lasted about 3 days as you can see i ran out. he is such a sweet soul. the days he brings his guitar are the best as he sits there strumming tunes. i feel as if his life is so simple and i admire that.
2. sweet potatoes.
my new favorite dinner staple. and it's a superfood!
3. mrs. fagan emails.
she was my favorite - my "mom at school" - freshman through senior year. i decided to send her a note because it had just been too long and my mom told me the cutest story about her and may day happened to be her birthday. funny how so much time passes, but i feel like i could just sit down in her PE office as a TA and chat and everything would be as it should be, like no time had gone by at all. i'm thankful i know her.
4. facebook messages.
out of the blue. i feel like they were so "college." everyone communicates on email now. however, it was fun getting one of these. so many modes of communication, aren't there? calls, texts, IM's, emails, gchats, facebook messages. my oh my.
5. margaritas.
happy cinco de mayo!

may 4th

Sunday, May 3, 2009

1. days you are determined to embrace even though the weather is crummy.
just because it was overcast and misty didn't mean i was going to stay in. instead we stood in the rain at the farmers market and sampled and roamed and just enjoyed life. i finally got to meet molly's best friend from grad school and i was reminded that good people find each other. i love that feeling. i loved everything about the cold morning especially walking all the way home singing out loud from underneath my umbrella.
2. umbrellas.
thank goodness for them, right? without them this endeavor wouldn't have been as do-able.
3. my computer desktop screen saver.
this picture makes me happy every time i open up the comp.

just swingin'...
4. cereal.
i always mix two. with soy milk. can't start my day properly without it. i think i'll probably have it for breakfast almost every day for the rest of my life if i can.
5. butterflies.
not the pretty little insects that flutter around in nature that i love to doodle. the ones in your tummy. i haven't had them in a while. a long while. but i'm living vicariously through my sister at the moment so those will have to do for now. i'm so thankful for her. the love for a sister is such a unique, unconditional love. you want to protect her and her little heart and help her grow up to be the best she can be.
6. my kitchen.
it's the perfect size and this thing is so usable, i find myself cooking way more, which i love.
7. new friends.
that's the wonderful thing about living in this city, there's always a chance to meet new people. i'm so thankful for the new people that have come into my life in the passed year.
8. the 20's.
i went through a period where i was deathly afraid of my 20's and all that lay ahead. it's a period of intense growing pains. but now i'm starting to take a strong liking to them. all the change that comes along with these years is fascinating.
9. crayons.
very underrated if you ask me. i miss that value pack of almost 100 colors - robbins egg blue, mac n' cheese, forest green - with the sharpener built into the back. oh the excitement of so many color options when you were a kid. i still get excited. even though i only had about 16 colors to choose from, i had fun making a little sign:)
10. trader joes at lunch.
discovered today that it's just 1 hour walking roundtrip. perfecto!
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