september 17th

Thursday, September 17, 2009

i'm back...
...i hope not just temporarily!

this post is dedicated to three wonderful people.

my dear roommate, meg, who stormed in the house last night and said, "gean, I checked your blog today and you haven't written since august 2nd! your followers need you."

the newly engaged ms. allie schroeder who also started an amazing "heart light" blog of her own, but has been on a little hiatus like myself. i promised her i would do at least one post this week.

and finally, my sissy love who never fails to text me out of the blue..."you really need to start embrace it again."

this is for you. for reminding me of this - all within days of each other.


1. scottsdale, arizona trip 2009.
celebrating a dear soul friend's graduation. i loved being there for her every single minute. so proud of you molls, so proud.
2. euro trip.
yes, i was blessed and lucky enough to travel to france and italy for the third time in my life. what an adventure that i will never ever forget.
3. SF outside lands.
my fave: jason mraz and dave matthews band.
4. tahoe.
glenbrook, ca is one of the few "heaven-on-earths." i am so grateful for the ousmans and their welcome-ness. is that a word? :)
5. cd's in the mail.
alexis always knows subconsciously when i need new music. this one makes me extra happy.
6. personal training
good 'ol zack. i am so excited for this challenge.
7. moll's and dez's new pad in northbeach.
right next to tj's and right on my "long way" home. i'm so happy they're here.
8. wednesday night - lulu yoga.
never fails to make me happy. these past two weeks with pete have been my most favorite ever. i'm fascinated with him. here's 3 reasons why: he taught yoga at burning man, he's hosting a yoga retreat that includes yoga, wine tasting, and hot tubbing in calistoga, and he speaks of the importance of gratitude in a very eloquent way.
9. the blackberry, tour.
it takes great pictures and is really just so new and improved. i'm a big fan.
10. walking sf.
i could walk and walk and walk this city. all day. every day. i'm so happy here.
11. stacie - on the brink of motherhood.
thus far in my life i had yet to experience a pregnancy so up close and personal. seeing stace grow from day 1 has been absolutely fascinating. i remember what she was wearing when she first told me - this rad gray dress with awesome gray pumps. i picked her up on the street corner i was so excited. for some reason in that exact moment i had this flash-forward of her with a big belly and how the outfit wouldn't have worked. odd, i know. stace, you are the cutest "wide load" :) i have ever known. i am so happy for you. it's been a blessing to witness this adventure.
12. sweet disopoistion, the temper trap.
on the 500 days of summer soundtrack. listen now.
13. party in the usa, miley cyrus.
i put my hands up
their playin' my song
the butterflies fly away
noddin' my head like yeah
movin' my hips like yeah

i must admit, i'm obsessed.
14. allie and matt bruce get engaged!
this is something i'm truly grateful for. like i told her, life is a little more complete now. i could not be happier for her. it gives me butterflies just thinking about it.
15. friends - my saving angels.
the importance of friendship has been the theme of the summer. i would not be standing without them.
16. this inspires me.
"to me, true love is the sweetest thing in life. that's why we're all either in love or looking for love. sometimes you have to work for it - especially when life gets in the way - but I believe true, deep love is always worth fighting for."
i think it's an important lesson.

come the end of september, i will have been in san francisco 1 out of the 8 weekends in the past 2 months.







and october is extra special. i love birthday months:)
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