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Sunday, June 23, 2013

all the men in new york wear glasses. it's just an observation. okay, maybe not all, but it seems like it. i most certainly had to get to the bottom of this notion.

...and sure enough, along came warby parker. a genius of a company if i ever did see one! i think i may have been a tad bit late to the party, but take a look at their virtual try on feature and get a load of their traveling store - a field trip of sorts traveling the country and soaking in the local culture of each city. i'm obsessed. 

even though i don't need glasses, i felt the need to buy into this concept, literally, and support their business and innovative spirit. their combination of photography, creativity, personal touch, and giving back is unmatched. a win in my book! thanks, warby. i think this is the first of many pairs, even for this current 20/20-er. xoxo.

ps. gotta love a selfie... felt slightly uncomfortable taking it! how do you feel about selfies? about as embarrassed as me?

look up.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

i'm starting a little series called what i love most about new york in which i'll feature something i love most about this city. gratitude journal a la new york edition. so, volume one. here goes...

new york's buildings amaze me. all you have to do is look up to see what i mean. from the ground level they seem rather similar, and then all it takes is a tilt of the head to notice how seemingly unique they are from one another. a brick one here... a stone one there... all fitting together like a perfect puzzle, or a horizontal version of tetris. i love the arches that usually border the top row of windows and the intricacies in the molding. some twist and turn based on the block, and some embody the strictest of lines.

all i know is i have these masterpieces surrounding me and i am grateful to see them tracing the clear blue sky. so, remember, always look up. you never know what you might find.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the long and the short of it all is i haven't been writing. i don't know where to start, and yet i don't know where to end. i can blame it on work and new york and exhaustion and oh-so-many things, but the truth is, i've been hiding. coasting. settling.

well, it's no way to live. one does not thrive with a quiet voice and a dim light.

it is me myself and only i who has to own and create space to be me. to shine. i am lost without the written word. the reflection. the creativity. the content. i feel absent and disconnected. and that is not sustainable.

all i know is that this space is important. it is a platform. one that deserves someone to stand tall and proud atop it's beautiful mountain of words. so it is here, a place where i will speak.

*photo from the one and only max.
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