Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the long and the short of it all is i haven't been writing. i don't know where to start, and yet i don't know where to end. i can blame it on work and new york and exhaustion and oh-so-many things, but the truth is, i've been hiding. coasting. settling.

well, it's no way to live. one does not thrive with a quiet voice and a dim light.

it is me myself and only i who has to own and create space to be me. to shine. i am lost without the written word. the reflection. the creativity. the content. i feel absent and disconnected. and that is not sustainable.

all i know is that this space is important. it is a platform. one that deserves someone to stand tall and proud atop it's beautiful mountain of words. so it is here, a place where i will speak.

*photo from the one and only max.


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