may 26th

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1. the little things.
remember when you were little and your parents used to let you have a treat at the grocery store? i used to choose this box of animal cookies...

i remember they used to be right by the deli section at safeway and i have this vivid memory of me reaching up to the shelf with pure excitement to devour these lions and tigers and bears. oh my.
anyhow, today i got a surprise treat from my parents at the grocery store. i think treats mean more when you're older because you actually think about the nice gesture instead of expecting that you automatically deserve it. i wasn't even at the store with them and mom calls to tell me they got me "that tea you like" also known as kombucha; however, they can't pronouce it correctly. i don't blame them, it's hard for first timers. anyhow, that grocery store surprise meant more to me than they know. thanks guys.
2. grey's anatomy.
snuggled in bed with mom on a cold saturday night. love the laptop and the episodes online. much needed.
3. kane sushi.
best i've ever had in my twenty three years.
4. tuesday night vball.
i look forward to the walk to and from more than the actual game itself.
5. seche vite.
dry fast top coat. it's making my manicure last a lot longer.


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