march 12th

Friday, March 13, 2009

1. diagonal sidewalks.
something is so fun about walking right through intersections. you feel like you're breaking the rules and being rebellious.
2. laughter... the best medicine. i feel like i laughed a lot today about silly things.
3. the perfect gift.
you know that feeling where you just find something so fitting for someone? you know they've been wanting it and a birthday just happens to be coming know they're going to love it. great feeling to know you'll bring someone joy.
4. getting lost, but then being composed.
i was so engrossed in my people magazine article about the "where are they now?" slumdog millionare kids back in india that i went straight passed my stop. i look up and panic when i see webster flash up as the next stop. wait, is that before or after fillmore? how far have i gone? where am i? a moment of sheer panic. which, i realize is silly seeing as though it's really not that far. but, there were a few seconds there that i looked like a true lost soul. it was such a strange feeling. thankful you can hop right on the bus going the other direction.
5. thursday night randomness.
wine + fire escapes + chats + maybe a parliament or two.
go ahead, judge me.


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