march 7th

Sunday, March 8, 2009

1. inspiring articles about inspiring women.
in the march 2009 california central coast magazine - from santa barbara to monterey - (a. this whole time i've been referring to santa barbara as southern california and b. i've never even heard of this mag) wendy foster adorns the cover... a "santa barbara style icon," indeed. she is a manhattan born socialite who owns four clothing boutiques, two wineries, two vineyards, two restaurants, and a home decorating store. i did frequent her store on state street as well as her restaurant and all the while not knowing who she really was. love learning about things that were previously right under the tip of your nose. anyhow, there is a wonderful quote by her discussed in this article about having courage and following your heart to get to where you want to be in life: "you just have this craving...just this craving to do a really good job. that's what i've had. like when i was in the graphics business before and i knew i wasn't really good at it. and i worked and worked really hard...but it wasn't with love in my heart, it was with fear in my heart - the fear of not getting it done on time, fear of not being satisfactory to the client. and i still have all that but i now have the love, the love of it. and that overrides the fear." i really connect with this statement because i feel at a place in life where i'm not really doing my work out of love, i'm doing it out of fear. and that's okay. i have faith that it will all fall into place someday.
2. san luis obispo.
only a little over a 3 hour drive down the coast and a great weekend getaway. my sis can drive up and we can drive down to meet in the "middle." i'm so thankful we're all relatively close enough to do this. my old life of driving up and down the 101 is so easy to revisit sometimes...
3. green hills.
the rain has done california rather well lately. the blue sky contrasting with the hills makes for gorgeous scenery.
4. natural cafe.
i miss this place. i wonder how much money i spent here in college. being at the one in slo works for me. gosh that cobb salad is yummy.
5. relax time.
i haven't just layed in a while and flipped through the channels and not really thought about much else than the fact that the csi re-runs are the only good thing to watch late on a saturday afternoon. it didn't matter, though, because my fab little fam of four was there just being us...thank gosh for them. i am so lucky.


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