march 9th

Monday, March 9, 2009

1. baby priscilla picture texts from jami.
it's amazing how quickly babies grow. i wish i saw her more often, but i am delighted to get a picture text every few weeks to keep track of her's first bath, baby's first foll over, baby's first pigtails, baby's first sit up. eat your heart out.

2. bedtime routines.
i honestly think it's so important to have a little ritual before hitting the hay to help wind down from the day.
3. cayenne pepper
i'm back on my kick. really spices up dinner:)
4. facebook for blackberry.
efficient when i have zero computer access.
5. the missing piece meets the big o by shel silverstein.
this book was given to me by a very special friend - a soul sister. shel silverstein is my favorite childhood poet. there is this one poem by him in "where the sidewalk ends" that i would read over and over as a kid and never get sick of. anyhow, i want to share my favorite part of this book. the simplicity of the entire story is what makes it so special. no colors, just black lines against a white page.
"and then one day, one came along who looked different.
'what do you want of me?' asked the missing piece.
'what do you need from me?'
'nothing. i am the big o' said the big o.
'i thnk you are the one i have been waiting for,' said the missing piece. 'maybe i am your missing piece.'
'but i am not a missing piece,' said the big o. 'there is no place you would fit.'
'that is too bad,' said the missing piece. 'i was hoping that perhaps i could roll with you...'
'you cannot roll with me,' said the big o, 'but perhaps you can roll by yourself.'
'by myself? a missing piece cannot roll by itself.'
'have you ever tried?' asked the big o.
'but i have sharp corners,' said the missing piece. 'i am not shaped for rolling.'
'corners wear off,' said the big o, 'and shapes change. anyhow, i must say good-bye. perhaps we will meet again...'
and away it rolled.
the missing piece was alone again.
for a long time it just sat there. lifted itself up on one end...and flopped over.
then began to move forward...
and soon its edges began to wear off...liftpullflopliftpullflop...and its shape began to change...and then it was bumping instead of flopping...and then it was bouncing instead of bumping...and then it was rolling instead of bouncing...
and it didn't know where and it didn't care.
it was rolling!"
to me, this is the essence of growing up and finding your own way. and in true twenty-something fashion (because i always relate it back to this), the essence of being twenty-three and creating the whole person that is you. it's about not changing yourself for someone else. and about being a complete and whole person so in your relationships that confident individual shines without any holes to be filled. that way we can all roll right along next to each other.
may your perfect match be a perfect whole.
here's to rolling...


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