march 4th

Friday, March 6, 2009

sometimes i have mixed feelings about how this has become such the norm of communicating. i see why - it's efficient and easy. has it changed us as a society? either way i'm grateful for the random thoughts i receive throughout the day or the constant communication i have with some people.
2. chivalry.
i never really use this word...
(n). the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms.
i like it...especially the comparison to a "knight in shining armor." i've experienced several instances of courtesy this week. it's so refreshing.
3. cheer.
no, not a shout of encouragement (although who doesn't love a little positivity)? the laundry detergent. the name and the packaging should be reason enough to buy it. i just love the clean smell. it reminds me of when mom used to do my laundry.
4. philosophy: grace.
this is pure heaven. absolute grace. my favorite smell of all time.
5. radio surfing in the car.
brings back the high school days sitting outside my house. singing and laughing and being silly.


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