march 17th

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1. mail.
thank gosh for usps. snail mail is slightly under-rated. it leaves your hands to magically appear in someone else's mailbox all because of a number and street name. if you think hard enough about it, it's fascinating. i'm on a mailing kick.
2. tv on treadmills.
today i got to watch martha stewart make corned beef and cabbage. i decided for some reason that i strangely really enjoy this show. everything is just so perfect and put together - kind of a dream world if you ask me.
3. secret notes.
shhhh never know when you'll find one...suitcases, nightstands, mirrors, oh my! great little phenomenon.
4. soberness.
on my way home tonight the bus was packed with some festive st. patrick's day party-goers. glad someone was celebrating. while the ride was filled with a sea of green, loud voices, and the stench of red-bull & vodka, i smiled to myself. never was i ever so glad that i didn't partake in jaeger. it was nice to feel healthy. had the yoga-tired-muscle-feeling and a whole foods craving. perfect.
5. elizabeth rosser.
sometimes i feel like a santa barbara yoga snob since i was so spoiled down there in that amazing yoga community. however, e.r. makes me feel like i'm right back there...almost as if i'm in one of kj's classes. almost. she's been my saving grace of a teacher in the last six months. i know there's way more to explore up here...and i will...


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