march 23rd

Monday, March 23, 2009

1. the nice LA office.
i guess i must admit that i'm lucky to get to work out of the LA office every now and again. it's pretty opposite the window-less cave that is sf. while i'm here i temporarily get a single office with glass from floor to ceiling. currently the sun is at my back. it's so bright that it's putting a slight shadow on my computer screen. i don't care, though, i'll strain my eyes in sacrifice for the sun. it's worth it.
2. ellen in the afternoons.
it kind of makes me feel "homey" at the office. i'm a fan of the background noise...kind of like i'm sitting in my own family room.
3. eagle creek luggage.
so reliable and sturdy. reminds me of wheeling it miles and miles throughout europe. full of the few items of clothing i wore over and over and adorned with the matching detachable backpack. good times.
4. sheraton universal.
i think it's a great, easy, efficient hotel. love the workout room. and the room service. and the comfy beds that you can kind of disappear into.
5. sleepovers.
i like to pretend i have an older sister:) since i wasn't born with one i think it's one of my callings in life to find as many older sister figures as i can.


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