march 15th

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1. friends late-night on the couch.
there's something so comforting about watching an episode on the comfy green couch wrapped in a blanket. it's home to me.
2. relatable sermons.
if my memory is working correctly, i haven't been to church since christmas. hate to admit it. mom is a really good catholic and really great at encouraging me to go. when i was little i never paid attention to mind would wander no matter how hard i tried to relate. however, the messages get clearer as you grow up and today the moral was that people are constantly tied up in the past and the future and don't live in the present. we are constantly worried about what's going to happen that we don't enjoy the moment. our anxiety gets in the way (enter dad and mom giving each other the look). i couldn't agree more, and lately i've been trying to be very conscious of living in the present moment. the priest also discussed gratitude and said that it is the secret to being happy and living in the moment. he told a story about his mother and how she comments even on a rainy day how beautiful it is outside and how the trees blow so beautifully in the wind instead of complaining about the gray overcast streak we've been having. i think this is an important lesson that is the secret to happiness.
3. grandma irene.
what a doll she is. her old house is so comforting. i love making her laugh and cheering her up.
4. crafting.
i get into zen mode. i love making gifts from the heart especially frames. creativity is so important. finally i had some down time...
5. early dinners.
didn't eat after 8pm when i usually get home from work for once! so nice. brought me back to the theta dinners at promptly 5:30 days.


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