march 5th

Friday, March 6, 2009

1. picturesque moments.
this morning on our ride to work i witnessed the "dearest" thing. two little old asian ladies in straw hats on the corner linking arms and walking. it was so precious. i think they were sisters. they inspired me to do some good arm linkage with ann walking home tonight. makes me smile.
2. chatty cable car drivers.
sometimes they really make your morning and make you feel SO special without really knowing they do so, which is the beauty of it.
3. lululemon experiences.
today i was a personal shopper. it brought back my days at the pant table "educating" guests. but, it also made me start thinking about lulu and how it truly changed who i've become. i realize that's a powerful statement, but it's true. it made me realize that life should be about being happy and free. it's okay to beat to your own drum and embrace that hippy-free-spirited-self. it's the only way to live.
4. lavendar mist.
a few sprays before bed over your face and pillow and you're destined for peace.
5. journals.
i got this at lola in northbeach. i walked passed it and literally gasped! it's perfect. dear journal, i was just thinking how you've been sitting on my night stand unused for quite some time now. but, i'm not neglecting you. you are my "go to" when technology fails me. technology is over rated anyway:)

if you look closely it says, "where troubles melt like lemon drops..."
melt away, troubles.


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