march 19th

Thursday, March 19, 2009

1. parker p.
as i meandered into lulu free yoga tonight i expected a packed class full of 65 people like i'd heard were there the previous week. i hate to admit it, but this has been slightly detering me from going as frequently. instead, upon entering, i felt like it was last april when lulu was a little best-kept-secret, hardly packed at all. parker is such a fabulous-cool-loving-hippie-soul. she was in sb during grand opening of lulu the first day i was on the floor as nervous as ever. tonight, after i told her i hadn't been in a while said: "sometimes we have to not come for a while so we can remember that it feels good to be back." this is so true about many things in life. like when you leave a place you live for a while and return with a new kind of appreciation.
2. sunset over downtown.
on my jaunt to union i caught the tail end of the sunset in the reverse direction - away from the sun. the buildings were half shadowed and half shining bright with a pretty gray colored sky back drop. loved it. i paused extra long on every corner to turn my head.
3. nick.
two words: sweet heart.
4. advice.

there's a funny story behind this little note. when i first moved to the city a year ago i was seeking some advice. i think i was having a lonely day...thinking about love. via gchat s.g. wrote me some wise words. and, what did i do? i saved the conversation and wrote it down word for word on a piece of lined paper only to re-read it every now and again. (this reminds me of a third grade dictation lesson). i'm big on saving advice. in fact, i've been known to email myself conversations i've had just to be able to pull the words back up when i might need them. and we all know: words are powerful. you never know when you'll be having a bad day and need a pick-me-up. the most important statement on this piece of paper is in all caps: THE MORE CAREFREE AND CONFIDENT YOU ARE THE BETTER.
point taken.
5. new kombucha flavors.
yes, it's the little things. i wonder how much money i've spent on this stuff. rejuvinate. restore. revitalize. replenish. regenerate. who wouldn't want to buy it? so far i've noticed 3 new flavors all with black labels. i picked up botanic no.3 last night and the checker at whole foods informed me that "it really gets things moving if you know what i mean..."
ok, great, thanks for the tip.


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