february 28th

Sunday, March 1, 2009

1. beauty sleep.
there really is something to say for getting your beauty rest. a solid 10 hours was more than necessary. it is so nice to wake up feeling fresh and rejuvinated on a saturday morning.
2. the l.c. wave.
adds a little something to the boring hair routine. glad i learned how.
3. sf chronicle wine tasting event.
what an amazing event! tables and tables of wine...big pours, lots of variety, food samples, and chatting it up with cute red-headed strangers. i'm so darn thankful for wine. someday i'm living on a vineyard and my husband and i will grow our own grapes and create an amazing "mom and pop," quaint winery. i picture myself in napa sitting around a large antique wooden table with a wonderful meal and bottles and bottles of superb wine. someday...
4. randomness.
how we ended up in a mansion on filmore and marina blvd playing guitar then to dancing to stevie wonder in a floor-to-ceiling-covered oak apartment on union is beyond me. i love days like this.
5. skinny jeans.
so glad they're in right now. loving the j brands.


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