march 14th

Friday, March 13, 2009

happy birthday molls!
1.old friends visiting.
i love seeing someone you haven't seen in a they've changed and grown up, but are still so much the same. allie was in town and i was reminded of her passion for life. i miss her and wish her all the happiness in austin. i'm so proud of everything she's accomplished since graduation:)
2. the northern california coastline.
beautiful beaches aren't just in southern california. i feel like our coast up here is slightly under-rated. my oh my how gorgeous it is...and right at our fingertips.
3. wind.
as i stood on a ledge over looking the ocean the wind whipped passed me so hard that i couldn't hear anything but the sound of the definitely has it's own voice. eyes rejuvinating!
4. the golden gate bridge.
so picturesque...
5. neighbors.
we really only have one, and he doesn't even live there, he just runs a hair salon downstairs. he makes me feel good every time i leave the house:)


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