april 16th

Thursday, April 16, 2009

1. my yoga mat.
it's been with me since the beginning of time. aka the start of my yoga journey. one side is hot pink and the other is lavender. i usually go with the hot pink side. it's very inspiring during my practice.
2. the lions.
they really add character to the apartment - standing proud and protective outside.
3. going out on a limb.
today i sent a note of gratification to the "higher up." i got such great response. lesson learned: share praise. let the person know the compliment someone else has given them. pay it forward.
4. happy evenings.
for some reason i was so darn happy tonight. i loved everything i was doing. getting off work early, walking home, yoga, relaxing, cooking dinner while listening to music, hanging with meg, trying new concoctions, painting nails, interneting. it just felt so copacetic. i'm so thankful to feel happy with my self and my life routine.
5. you tube.
it's genius. you can literally type in anything and it will magically appear. this one made me smile.


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