april 29th

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my life is incomplete without gratitude and i don't want to miss a beat.

1. santa barbara.
the closest i ever came to living in so cal on the beach. maybe someday. i hold so many memories here. i don't want them to disappear. i miss college. maybe not in the way that other people miss it, because i can whole-heartedly say that i like myself better now than i ever did in those 4 years. i think people call them the best 4 years of your life because of how truly unique that time is compared to the rest of your years. i miss it in a way that makes me long for the daily life of a student. my schedule was so different back then. so many people i loved were merely feet away and there was no such thing as "making money" which, to me, leads to way more stress than test scores. but, i can also honestly say that i didn't embrace life as much then as i do now - hence this blog. and that's ok. it truly is why i long for santa barbara, though. i long to go back and do it all over again knowing what i know now. knowing that i have to embrace each day because it's only temporary. i was on a rocky part of my happiness journey instead of a part where the waters were calm. i am so thankful i can go back and visit. i can visit all of my old spots and just for an instant step back into that younger version of myself. i want to hug that version and let her know that everything is going to be ok.
2. road trips.
both of my drives up and down the 101 were really fun. great company with people i don't get to spend that much time with, but mean so incredibly much to me. i'm lucky.
3. perfectly toasted bagels.
i mean you have to admit, there's something about the perfect amount of toastedness with that great crispy crunch-ness.
4. daily grind.
i am at peace here. so funky. great people watching. good food.
5. low-fat raspberry oat muffins.
hands down the best muffin i've ever had. ever.
6. kelly, my hairstylist.
she embodies everything a hairstylist should strive to be. she treats hair as if it is an art form. it's such a pleasant experience sitting in her chair. thank goodness i found her. i only wish i could transport her to sf so i don't have to plan hair cuts around my trips down south. although, it is an excuse to go down there:)
7. day buzz.
something about vodka lemonades...makes you feel happy and free.
8. sisters shining bright.
i can only hope i've inspired ames to be a better person and take life by the reigns especially in santa barbara since i paved the way first. i can confidently say she's doing better than i could have imagined.
9. hotels.
specifically, the canary and the holiday inn express. for lack of a better term and one that brings a smile to my face: great sitch.
10. the ousman fam.
i really do feel like a little part of their fam and that they love me. i love them right back.

i also want to write down a moment i hope never ever to forget. it occurred last thursday morning on a jog i decided to take early in the morning. somehow i found myself slowly running against the wind along marina blvd. i decided i didn't have enough energy to make it all the way to the hands so i walked a little on the sand instead. a concrete slab about a foot and half wide crept out of the sand - what looked like the foundation of an old pier. the tiny waves collided with the base of this "once pier." the next thing i know i'm up there on this balance beam doing yoga. my own little sequence of sun salutations, listening to the ipod. just me, the bright red bridge in perfect view, warrior 1, warrior 2, triangle pose. it felt good to be alive. so good.


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