april 14th

Monday, April 13, 2009

oh sweet little blog, how i miss you.

here goes another long post as i've been slightly out of sorts lately. i should really follow my own advice: to be thankful even when things are rough. what's the saying? "when the going gets tough, the tough get going." well, practice what you preach. if i've learned one thing in life it's that sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. i can honestly say my life has been completely incomplete without this blog. something's not quite right. lots of change lately, and whereas i know change is good and healthy, it's hard. between the move, a job i want so badly to be good at, a horrid hangover, and a severe allergic reaction that left me in bed all of easter with an awful case of hives, aches, and a fever (yes, tmi), i just haven't been the bright shining self i'd like to be.
nonetheless, things could be worse, a lot worse. finally i'm feeling back to normal.

1. half days.
never could an impromptu half day have fallen on a better friday. good friday. rough morning to say the least. i walked up vallejo street and sat for about 10 minutes taking in the view. i really stopped from nausea and the view just happened to be there. loved the dead silence of the moment.

i meandered into st. peter and paul's cathedral. lots of catholic commotion with it being good friday and all. i wish i was a better catholic and actually knew the exact sequence of events in the bible on this day. instead i just vaguely know. anyhow, i sat in that church full of families, the elderly, and a few nuns waiting for mass to start for a good twenty minutes. i prayed. i prayed for pretty much everyone i know. it felt so darn good.
2. the new hood.
i don't know if i'll ever stop being thankful for this for all the days, months, and even years i'm going to be living here. but, since it's all still new to me i'm going to be consciously thankful for it. love walking and exploring and being part of it all.
3. molls is in town.
it's so great to see her happy. like really genuinely happy and confident and optimistic.
4. soda.
nope, i'm not a soda drinker. but, i can honestly say there have been two key moments in this past week where soda has never tasted so good. a diet coke on friday night was kind of a lifesaver - that carbonation and tiny bit of caffeine really pushed me over that edge to actually feel better. and the other, a diet rootbeer. so tasty and calorie free. my favorite treat this weekend.
5. movie after movie after movie days.
recovering...and taking a sick day.
pretty woman, ratatouille, what happens in vegas, where the heart is, knocked up, 27 dresses :)
6. wind.
two key moments stand out recently where i've loved the wind. (well three, but i've already documented that one and it has to do with standing over the pacific ocean and the wind whipping passed me so hard my eyes watered with tears). one was sitting on a bench overlooking the bay watching the sailboats. without the wind there would be no sailboats and they are pretty fascinating. two was today on a lunch walk. yes, i was freezing, but there's something so purifying and cleansing about the wind. so free.
7. dinner "parties."
not much of a party, more of an excuse to make a new recipe and drink wine. i'd like to do this once a week, please. thank you.
8. house warming gifts.
i wonder who invented these. i love the mini yellow daisies sitting proud and pretty on her granite countertop.
9. lyon street steps.
i remember coming here my first week living in the city on a run. now a whole year has gone by. still love the vibe of this little street. no matter the time of day there are always fellow exercisers and boot campers. and that view...that view is stunning. makes the climb well worth it.
10. tostada salad.
the best one i've ever found: blue barn. i get it every time.


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