april 20th

Monday, April 20, 2009

happy birthday to my little mar. you're all grown up.

1. monday morning recaps.
there is nothing i love more than updating stace on the weekend events. sittin' on a bench outside of starbucks in the sun sippin' our iced lattes :)
2. morning runs.
i decided to be ambitious this morning. something i've tried to do every morning since the big move...run to the hoopers hands. a perfect 3.2 miles from my house making it a 6.4 mile roundtrip. challenging! today was breathtakingly beautiful. that red bridge against the bright blue sky in the early morning sunlight. i've never felt so lucky. each stride was full of gratitude.
3. meet bruce and roxy.
this sweet little succulent was $4.29 at trader joes. he looked at me so desperately wanting a home. don't worry bruce, i'll keep you safe and happy. it's you and me at work alllll day long:)

that's his girlfriend, roxy. she's pretty rad and dolled up with her hot pink bow.
if you'd like to brush up on your succulent facts: http://www.succulent-plant.com/
4. the hair scrunch.
when i'm in no mood to put time into my hair the scrunch never fails me. wait, that's not true. sometimes it turns out terribly. but not today. even though i used to hate it the awkward teen years, thank you for blessing me with both curl-able and straight-able hair.
5. alone time.
is so necessary. i thrive.


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