june 3rd

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1. hot pink peonies.
staring at me - so innocently beautiful - at my desk. i've never really thought a whole lot about these flowers, but they truly are pretty magnificient. may be one of my new faves.

2. honey bunnies.
what a great cereal. so glad i bought them last minute on an impulse buy.
3. claire chats.
i love the kind of friends that you just connect with on a deeper level. you don't physically see them as much as you would like to, but the conversations you do have are always just right on. i look up to claire. the way she lives her life and her great strength inspires me. today she said something that made me think. topic: relationships. (i wish i had copy and pasted the exact line, but i'll do my best to recapture it). something along the lines of love and what a special gift it can be to find someone who realizes the potential of how amazing a relationship and being in love and having love with someone can be.
one of the greatest gifts in life, i think.
4. www.google.com
my life saver. must visit it 20 times a day.
5. buy 10 salads get your 11th one free.
yeah punch cards! this made my day :)


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