june 8th

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1. henna tattoos.
live free. my strongest attempt at being a rebel. these are so cool.
2. food journals.
keeps me in check and organized. a saving grace.
3. starting new books.
i love a good bus read...it's time to get back into it. i feel like something is missing.
book of choice: epiphany and her friends
this is why i'm going to like this book...
what is epiphany?
i see epiphany as a beautiful, mysterious woman,
who sends tinkling, wind-chime chills up your spine
at her first tapping on your mind's door.
if you decide to let her in,
shafts of white light will open your mind,
clearing away the cobwebs of previous perceptions;
offering you the fresh, clear dawn of intuitive realization,
as she comes gliding into you consciousness
and enters the rooms of your soul.
she is a forceful yet gentle woman, demanding your attention;
singing the truth to you
in melodies you have never heard before.
she is dressed in the colors of her message -
hot coral with intensity;
cool Mediterranean blue with determination -
finally the lily white gown of truth.
you must listen.
you must open your heart and soul to her,
or she will arrive again and again
with louder knocking and brighter, deeper colors
until you cannot deny her brilliant entrance.
listen willingly to her once,
hear her wisdom;
she will return faithfully every time you need her.

4. misty volleyball nights.
sometimes i LOVE the san francisco fog. it wouldn't be the same without it.
5. adoration.
what a nice feeling.
adore: (verb)
-to regard with the utmost esteem, love, and respect; honor.
-to pay divine honor to; worship
-to like or admire very much


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