january 20th

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1. wedding photography websites.
since i'm not in love myself, i kind of live vicariously through others' love. there's something about weddings that really gets me. in another life i would be a wedding photographer. or a wedding planner. anything to do with weddings, really...just so i could be around the celebration of love all the time. these are two of my favorites: maxwanger.com & andrejkaphotography.com. the art of capturing two people in love is so beautiful.
2. my new mug from anthro with the letter "g" on it.
i passed by it in anthropology and said, "oh mom, stacie has that mug. i love it." and, what a treat - she got it for me. funny how a little $6 purchase can make me so happy sitting here on my desk. i think i'll go fill her up now.
3. the lost and found finding my brand new vanilla noir lotion.
i was so disappointed b/c i've only used it 3 times. it smells heavenly...what a waste. it was my favorite stocking stuffer this year. but, i must have good karma today because on a whim i asked if they had it in l & f. sure enough - there it was! what an embarrassing thing to ask for. now i better go pay it forward and spread some more good karma.
4. roasted veggies.
i'm on a new kick of roasting veggies instead of stir-frying them (what i've done every night for the past 3 years). so i'm inventing and throwing things together. it's really fun.
5. smiles that make you melt.
currently my favorite grin is julian on one tree hill.


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