january 14th

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1. standing right next to my bus crush.
there really are so many different kinds of crushes if you think about it...gym crushes, girl crushes, first crushes...but my bus crush is such a doll. maybe early 30's, dirty blonde hair, tall...resembles an east coast rugby player. this is just the idea i've created in my head, of course. but, that's what i'm thankful for...the unknown of a crush. it's such a fun feeling. the suspense of when you'll be en route with him again. maybe next time we'll talk:)
2. whole foods around the corner.
while this used to be a money suck...it's now a saving grace. i get so happy browsing those aisles. that smell upon entering of the fresh flowers - nothing beats it. i could browse for hours and instantly feel healthier.
3. pandora at work.
my playlist is pretty great, i must admit. pandora is one of the cooler inventions i know of. i love that feeling when you're just going about your business and the first few notes of one of your favorite songs comes on. currently, it's amos lee "sympathize" & the weepies "all this beauty."
4. 12 hours of sleep.
there's something to say for getting to bed by 9:30pm. it rarely happens, but i'm thankful when it does. and, i'm pretty lucky that my job allows me to come in a little late when i feel like i was hit by a mack truck.
5. friends who want to make me tea.
i'm blessed!


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