january 16th

Sunday, January 18, 2009

1. the friday feeling.
there's nothing like going to work on this day and realizing that 4 stressful days are behind you and a nice 3 day weekend is ahead. i used to somewhat dislike fridays and the pressure of the weekends...not anymore:) and, to top it off, at 5:15pm it was still light out...gives me hope for the days when i can walk home at dusk.
2. goin' goin' to the grammy's grammy's.
yeah -- wow. i'm lucky. booked my flight today. love l.e.c.
3. RJ's.
the perfect organic market - way too expensive of course ($8 for a box of cereal, you've got to be joking). but, it always has just what i want right around the corner from the office. growing to love the "boon-docks" of battery street.
4. spontaneity.
dieds calls me at 6 and says she'll be over in 15 min. ok! get ready...go. it's like 4 months hasn't even passed.
5. singing taylor swift and analyzing the lyrics.
i heart her. there's been countless times now where i've found myself with wine + taylor. is that embarrassing or what!? one of them was the car ride to sb, but we won't discuss that now...it's just where i was introduced to her. tonight was filled with wine and belting out "forever and always (damn you joe jonas)...oh back up, oh baby back up" and dancing around in the kitchen like we'll do at our weddings:)


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