january 19th

Monday, January 19, 2009

1. getting sunburned in january.
it's not the burn i'm thankful for...it's the fact that it was 78 degrees and actually possible to get some color in the middle of winter. got some lines.
2. trader joes.
it's the perfect grocery store. never have i ever seen it so crowded. it sure gets the job done, though. love being set on groceries for the week!
3. skinny hangers.
my closet just expanded! i can actually sort through my clothes now - thanks mom.
4. volleyball matches.
first game of the intramural season was tonight. love getting involved in something new and it came back easier than i thought. haven't smiled that much in a while. brings back the good 'ol days when it was the center of my world.
5. international calls from australia.
mar's living the dream life. i'm jealous. but her explanation of the place gives me hope that something that magical and carefree and happy actually exists. i'm in such a good mood.


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