Sunday, July 17, 2011

do you ever think about your tribes?

you know...the group of people you surround yourself with. the packs you travel in.

well, this week it became my new favorite word.

{right up there with cultivate}

then i realized that these two words - cultivate and tribe - really go hand in hand.

we must cultivate our tribes with utter care and consideration as they are a reflection of who we are.

you are the company you keep, i believe the saying goes.

i think, most importantly, they are the family you choose for yourself. isn't that such a wonderful phenomenon? think about it again. the family you choose for yourself. it's a beautiful thing if you ask me.

i am having one of those days where i am overwhelming grateful for the unique souls in my tribes. while they are all different, the common thread is that they love me for who i am.

now if that's not pure comfort, i don't know what is.

hope you've had the loveliest of weekends, my sweets. i sure did. full of yoga and out of the box adventures. none of which would be possible without the family i've been lucky enough to choose for myself.

good people find each other.

*running gal pals found here.


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