Monday, July 4, 2011

fourth of july in san francisco...the city's best kept secret. a quiet calm comes over this seven by seven radius that's so perfect, it hurts.

these first four days of july have most definitely been some for the record books.

full of nothing but true, deep, unfiltered happiness.

each moment was a moment to soak in.

let me recap...

sunshine, best friends, runs, bbq's, fire escapes, wine, yoga, parents, scrabble, pool time, rafts, vitamin d, belly laughs, and tan lines.

may i go on? i must.

errands, the rez, chow, deep sleep, shopping, gossip mags, dark chocolate, movie night, beautiful savasanas, lingering backyard summer night dinners, rooftops...and fireworks.

i am oh so lucky. thank you, universe. i am grateful.


  1. JULY. It's a beautiful month.

    back bends, boulange and red/white/blue clothing only.


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