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Thursday, July 28, 2011

one time, in college, alexis and i drove all the way from santa barbara to the roxy in hollywood. it was a friday afternoon and it was time for a big best friend adventure. we tended to do that quite often.

the trip to see the one and only tristan prettyman had been planned for weeks. we were to depart around two with our printed map and directions. smart phones were a thing of the future.

i even remember what i was wearing. embarrassingly enough, ugg boots paired with a ruffled denim skirt from abercrombie and fitch. i swear that look was in.

our first stop was fred segal. our second stop was ashton kutcher's restaurant - dolce - and our third stop was truly the main attraction. the tristan prettyman concert. the internet told us we could buy tickets before the show for a whopping ten dollars. what a steal!

here's how the story really goes...

i bought the ugliest army green, fur-hooded, juicy couture, five-hundred-dollar jacket on our shopping endeavor. oh yes, the one with the be-jeweled "j" on the sleeve. apparently, back then, i had to have it.

it turns out that ashton doesn't hang out in his own restaurant around the earliest reservation time. yup, that would be five thirty. in fact, just as an fyi, you will be the only people - and youngest - dining in this swanky restaurant this early. which, mind you, will make pulling out your fake id way more intimidating than it needs to be.

however, nothing could rain on our parade at that point in our evening, because onto the much-anticipated show we went.

well, not so fast.

i'm sorry, she's all sold out.

but i called! i promise! i say to the woman at the ticket booth.

i'm sorry, there's no tickets left to her show tonight.

...and back home we went.

for as disheartening as that trip turned out, it's a story that will forever make me laugh. all of the silly details of that day make me smile.

throughout the years, tristan has only grown cooler in my eyes. she now writes a blog and is an aspiring yogi, like me.

often times, the things she writes are some of my exact thoughts. she's just cool enough to articulate them in a way that i am unable to. all i know is that more often than not i'm speaking out loud to her "me too! me too! yes, exactly!" we have the same way of getting all preachy. and that, in my opinion, is a great similarity to have.

to be quite honest, i think we'd be dear friends in real life. well wait, this is real life.

anyhow, the whole point of this long-winded {you know me, i'm always rambling to you} note was to share one of my most favorite things she posted the other day.

“first you have to know what you want, defined in terms of the end result. and then you have to physically move towards it, without defining the hows. at which point, the thing you want actually starts coming to you, on its own terms, from a direction completely unexpected. just carry on, detached from the details and timing, and perhaps act like you couldn’t care less.”

so, there you have it.

thank you, tristan, for always reminding me to trust in this universe. i hope someday our paths will cross. i promise i won't be wearing ugg boots.

*photos found among my pins, here and here.


  1. words to live by. im printing it out and posting on my vision board. if something is supposed to happen, it will happen, dont force it :)


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