Friday, July 22, 2011

spiritually, yoga makes me come alive. especially when i am spoiled with such a great teacher. {i'm sure you've heard me mention her many-a-time}.

set your intention. offer it away. give it all away. touch someone else's life and dedicate your practice to them so that they are happy, safe, and free.

this is when i pray.

i pray for my bests, that they overcome their struggles. i pray for the happiness and health of my family. i pray for peaceful and healed relationships and for the future one i'm going to love.

i pray for whatever needs praying for that day, really. the message is usually the same...that we all may lay our burdens down.

oh, the power of prayer. we have the power to touch so many lives.

one of the best things about yoga is that it's also about the well-being of others. it's finding the perfect balance between the giving and the receiving.

i think this act transcends into our everyday lives. give your good thoughts and kindness away, and allow yourself to receive it back.

to me, this pure give-and-take act is the essence of grace.

i've always had a thing for grace. growing up, being a graceful dancer came easy to me. it's when i felt most empowered. the flow and movement of the body is one of the most beautiful things in all the world. hence, why i'm on the constant quest to be a graceful yogi.

may your weekend be filled with nothing but grace, in the exact form you need it. thanks for hanging with me this week!

love and peace.

*prayer found here and here.


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